French striker Vincent Pericar spoke about the circumstances of his departure from Juventus in 2002. The words of the athlete leads The Sun.

“I and two other Frenchmen in the team had Italian lessons with a beautiful teacher. One evening I wrote to her, invited her to drink in the company of the guys. And just an hour later, Roberto Bettag, vice president of Juventus, called me. He asked us who we thought we were, just send messages to his girlfriend, ”said the 36-year-old football player. According to him, this situation has accelerated his departure from the club.

In 2002, Pericar joined the English "Portsmouth" on loan. Having scored nine goals in 39 games, the football player deserved a full-fledged contract with the British club. Career Pericard continued in England. Among the clubs where the player played were Millwall, Stoke City, Sheffield United.

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