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Wu Huayan is a young woman who has shocked her country by getting the Chinese government to receive a lot of criticism due to the poverty she faced to support the only member of her family.

Huayan is a 24-year-old girl who lives in Guiyang, belonging to the province of Guizhou, suffers from malnutrition because for 5 years her diet was based on a diet of rice, bread or chili to buy medicines for her brother who suffers from a mental disorder

Huayan, who had only 2 Yuan (about 30 cents) to feed himself, studied at the university and served two jobs to support his brother.

When she was treated by doctors, her weight was just over 44 pounds (about 20 kilos) and she was measuring just over 1.35 meters, which caused her heart problems, hair loss, insomnia and kidney problems due to poor diet he had, according to an article from Daily Mail.

Her parents died and left her in charge of caring for her brother who requires expensive treatment to mitigate her illness, according to a television interview.

Huayan received state aid of 300 yuan (about $ 43) in addition to an extra amount for the jobs he held. His story was first disseminated by British media that forced the government to have his brother receive an emergency package of about 20,000 yuan as well as review the assistance process for those who do not reach the minimum standards of living according to a BBC report.

Poverty stories like Wu's are common in rural areas of China. Guizhou, the region where Huayan lives, has the highest level of rural poverty in the country.

Upon learning its history, a group of professors, classmates and neighbors created a donation campaign in which thousands of citizens have participated who have expressed their outrage managing to gather 470,000 yuan wax, about $ 68,000 until last weekend.

Inequality in China

According to the World Bank, in China 88% of the population was poor in 1981 when it was estimated that there were about 1 billion people and about 880 million people lived with 57 dollars or less per month.

According to data from the international organization, 1.4% of the population of China lives in a poverty line, that is, about 20 million of 1,374 million inhabitants in the country.

However, poverty and inequality continues to be a problem for the country. Its urban population is 60 percent, just above the US (81%), Mexico (79) or Argentina (91%).

40% of the Chinese still live in rural areas that mostly work on farms and with income that in another country would be located as extreme poverty with limited basic services. The working population works about 13 hours a day for six to seven days a week in deplorable security conditions.

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