For 50 million francs hardship aid to Solothurn companies

The Solothurn government council applies to the cantonal council for a supplementary loan for hardship aid in connection with the corona pandemic. (Symbol image)


Solothurn companies received a total of 47.7 million francs hardship aid in the corona pandemic by last Friday. According to the canton, around 900 requests for such help were received.

The Solothurn State Chancellery announced on Monday evening that applications for hardship measures and for rent and lease payments could still be submitted until July 31.

The government council applies to the cantonal council for a supplementary loan to cover the financial resources required for the hardship measures. The government wants to increase this by 70 million to 100 million francs. However, the canton of Solothurn does not have to pay for this amount alone: ​​the federal government pays 70 percent of the costs, the cantons pay the remaining 30 percent.

The cantons finance the payments in advance. If the credit is fully exhausted, as expected, the canton of Solothurn would be left with expenditures of around 30 million francs after settlement with the federal government, it said in the announcement.

For companies with an annual turnover of less than five million francs, six billion francs are earmarked for hardship measures in Switzerland. The federal government will take over the above-mentioned 70 percent of this. The federal government pays 100 percent for hardship aid for companies with a turnover of more than five million francs. He has earmarked three billion francs for this.