For beginners.. Effective tricks to use the “Snapchat” application correctly

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Snapchat is one of the most popular messaging and social networking applications, offering a lot of features that attract users and the youth and teenage group.

For beginners in using the “Snapchat” application, here are some effective tricks that will help you to use it correctly.

Text space:

Users were able to get around it on the specified text area in the app, by following a specific trick. To apply:

Go to Notes, then press Enter to create a few blank lines.

Copy this blank space and paste it into the text box of the Snap app.

– Emoji size control

You can enlarge it by pressing the T icon in the upper right part of the screen and using your two fingers to make it larger or smaller.

– swap faces

One of the features that many people do not know about through the Snap application is the ability to swap faces, or what is known as Faceswap.

Meaning you can swap your face with the face of the person next to you. This feature can be turned on through the Camera Roll and not only from within the application.

– Skip stories

When you browse the Snap app, you don’t have to watch all the stories that pass by. You can even skip it by just tapping on your mobile screen to move on to the next story

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