for Emmanuel Macron, “it is thanks to the work that the nation holds” despite the coronavirus

This May 1, 2020 is unlike any other” While the coronavirus epidemic continues to rage in the country, Emmanuel Macron made a point of addressing almost solemnly to the French this Friday morning. Standing in the golden lounge of the Élysée Palace, the President of the Republic delivered a short video message of just over two minutes, which was broadcast on his social networks. “Today, no gathering in our cities to celebrate, as we have been doing for so many years, International Workers’ Day. (…) I know all the constraints that weigh on the joys that normally accompany this symbolic day“He first recalled.

The Head of State then expressed regret. “And even if the maximum was done so that the thrush of May 1st can be sold, shared … Much of what is normally done has not been possible and remains prohibited“, He recognized. A way to reconsider the misunderstanding which opposed the florists and the government Thursday: the profession believed that it could exceptionally open its businesses to sell bouquets … Before being called to order at the last minute by the executive.

Some very political messages

Finally, Emmanuel Macron wanted to thank “the workers of our country” The famous first, second and third lines to which he has constantly paid homage since the start of the pandemic. “It is thanks to the work, celebrated this day, that the nation holds (…), that we save so many lives every day (…), that life goes on despite everything“, He noted.

So much for the imposed figures. However, the president did not fail to slip some very political messages into his speech. “I want to have a thought, on this day, for the trade union organizations which cannot hold the traditional parades», He insisted, for example, while his relations with the intermediary bodies were not always in good shape. Similarly, faced with the risk of seeing the health crisis and the economic crisis give birth to a double democratic and social crisis, Emmanuel Macron returned to the concept of unity, of which he has almost made a slogan in recent weeks. “The spirit of May 1, this spirit of solidarity among workers, has perhaps never been so powerful, so alive“, He greeted. “Deprived of the rituals of this day, we experience today all the value, all the meaning“, he added.

Critics from the Left

The President of the Republic concluded his intervention on a “strong will“: That of”find, as soon as possible, these happy May 1st“And”happy” who “make our Nation“… Even if they are”bickers sometimes” A short sentence whose deliberately light tone did not fail to react on the left. The day of May 1 has become a special date under this quinquennium: it was marked by the Benalla affair in 2018, and by violent clashes between thugs introduced among the demonstrators and the police in 2019.

Sure Twitter, MP Insoumis Alexis Corbière thus denounced an outing “symptomatic of this president’s reac condescension” Like her fellow MEP LFI, Manon Aubry, who urge Emmanuel Macron at “stop taking us for children!“Among environmentalists, it was the EELV MEP and former party boss, David Cormand, who stepped up to the plate for castigatean opportunity to shut up lost” Socialist Senator and former Minister of François Hollande, Laurence Rossignol, has fulminated faced with the use of a “contemptuous word“, considering that “the confusion is at its height


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