For grandfather Tuto, Christmas has already arrived: the elderly dog ​​”who knows how to love” has found a home thanks to LaZampa

All the images, the stories of dogs looking for a home once you know them remain inside you. But there are some where, even if you know it’s hard to imagine a happy ending, you never give up on the thought that that furry guy can’t have a family that loves him, a home that welcomes him. Because maybe that dog has been through a lot, has suffered and with the passage of time, of the years, like an hourglass that is consumed, you would like a miracle to happen. And this is the happy ending story of grandfather Tuto, the dog who taught us what it means to love: he had found a dead family and at 13 it was a dream to have made it. But, as we told you last July, he had escaped from that house. Not because he felt bad, but because that old heart, that mind full of memories pushed him to go back to his old house where he had lived all his life with a man. And it doesn’t matter if that man was a long time ago, we had seen him lying on the ground in front of that door through which he had entered and left so many times.

“Less than a year has passed since his death and he will never forget it, because his love and faithfulness will last forever. We just have to learn from these wonderful creatures who teach us what LOVING means »wrote the volunteers of the Conversano section of the National League for the Defense of the Dog on social networks in the hope that someone would give them a chance to love again.

In recent months Tuto has been held by a family in the countryside, but, although healthy, the winter in those conditions at the age of 14 is difficult to sustain. But it is at this point in the story that the good news arrives: reading his story on LaZampa Maria and Giovanni Alberto decided that that dog had to enter their life because grandfather Tuto deserved to be able to be happy and serene again.

«This has been a difficult and worried year for all of us volunteers but today we can finally breathe some happiness in our hearts … we are sure that Tuto’s father will be happy from up there too. We believed in it and we never gave up …. we promised you that we would find a new family for you and we succeeded … now grandpa Tuto don’t be big head and enjoy this new life. Even if we are far away, we will always be there. Good life wonderful grandfather Tuto »write the volunteers of the Dog League publishing the video of the meeting between humans and the four-legged.

A union of hearts sealed by a photo where everyone smiles, first of all the good Tuto because he knows that Christmas has already arrived for him. And also for all of us who loved him from the first glance.

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