For help to doctors after a bite of ticks in the Lipetsk region 7 people have already applied


04/16/2018 16:47

The climatic conditions of 2018 were unfavorable for the early activation of ticks. The first bites were registered 2 weeks later – from March 26 (in 2017 – from March 10, in 2016 – from March 11). Since March 15, 2018, weekly monitoring of mite attacks and infections transmitted through their bites has begun. According to the operative weekly monitoring as of 12.04.2018, 7 people (including one imported case) applied to the medical organizations of the region for sucking ticks. Among the affected 2 children (28.6%). Ticks have been registered in Dobrovsky, Lipetsk, Yelets and Lipetsk.
In 80% of cases, ticks sucked on the territory of settlements (on the territory of households and homesteads), in 20% of cases – in natural conditions, which indicates the need for anti-maltreatment activities on the territory of households.
In the framework of preventive and anti-epidemic measures, the specialists of the Department carry out measures to implement plans to prevent the spread of infectious diseases transmitted with tick bites. In total in 2018 acaricidal treatments are planned on an area of ​​about 500 thousand hectares, which corresponds to the level of the previous year. Particular attention is planned to be given to the treatment of places of rest and mass stay of people (summer recreation facilities, including children’s, parks, forest park zones, beaches, stadiums, horticultural cooperatives, cemeteries).


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