For investors: how funds that bet on technology are handled

For its part, the BlackRock Technology Opportunities Fund is another of the most profitable funds, with an annual return of more than 30%. Although its portfolio is made up of 120 stocks, its biggest bets are: Apple (4.2%), Microsoft (3.5%), Amazon (2.8%), Tencent (2.1%), Alibaba (2 %), Alphabet (1.7%), Paypal (1.7%), Twilio (1.6%), Tesla (1.6%), Square (1.4%) and AMD (1.4%) . It is managed by Tony Kim and Reid Menge and is also committed to other values ​​such as ZoonInfo. According to BlackRock, the largest exposures of industry groups were in software and the internet; These industries have the best prospects for secular organic growth, driven by innovation, as well as the least sensitivity to late-cycle macroeconomics. Of course, the fund also highlights that it had a substantial allocation to the issue of digital transformation, as global companies continued to modernize their operations. Looking at the long term, the fund believes that the investment thesis is not hampered by the medium-term effects of COVID-19, as many of these companies are in fact seeing increased demand as global companies rush to Invest in digitizing your operations.

Finally, the Global Technology and Innovation Fund, managed by Janus Henderson, has obtained a return of close to 25% so far this year. Its main positions are: Apple, with a portfolio weight close to 9%, Microsoft (7.84%), Amazon (4.55%), Adobe (4.24%), Facebook (4.22%), Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (4.03%), Mastercard (+ 3.69%), (3.06%), ASML (3%) and Texas Instrument (2.91%), which account for 46.51% of the total. In addition, it invests in other stocks such as Alavara and MercadoLibre. It is managed by Denny Fish and aims to achieve at least an annual return that is 2% above the MSCI ACWI Technology Index. Invests 96% in equities, 80% in US stocks and 16% in foreign stocks. For the fund, technology stocks generally outperformed broader equity markets and all subsectors delivered positive returns, led by remarkably strong performance from internet applications and software companies.

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