Since 1988, the Parisian nightclub makes the bodies dance and exalts the ears. To celebrate this anniversary, the establishment is launching a series of events in 2018. And not only in France.
Among the most demanding venues in terms of electronic music in Paris, the Rex Club is a forerunner. The place is mythical. If the building dates from 1932 and has passed through its walls successively jazz and rock musicians, it is in the late 1980s that the artistic destination of the establishment has definitely transformed. In 1988, the club decided to devote itself entirely to the emerging techno and, more broadly, to electronic music . The festivities of the thirty years
The entrance of the Rex Club in the 1970s. Rex Club Bruno Blanckaert, managing director of the Rex Club, remembers a bit amused from this time: “In those years, we rocked. It took thirty years, through programming and union work, to make electronic music the place it now has. “First confined to the outskirts of big cities in fields or squats where the famous “Rave parties” were organized, electro was then democratized by accessing Parisian clubs. “For this, the City of Paris has always played a proactive role,” says Bruno Blanckaert. To celebrate as it should be these three decades of adventure and electronic betting, the Rex Club offers nothing more than a festival to its excesses. Extended over a year, this anniversary should be talked about throughout the year 2018. Baptized Rexist , a contraction between “resistance” and “existence”, the festival will organize, among other things, a big event per month in a place kept secret until the last moment (history to relive some of the anxious mystery of rave parties of old). The “Rexpublicain values”
The Rex Club today. Rex Club But the Parisian capital will not be the only recreation area for the Rex Club as dates should be announced in Calvi, Montreal or London. The festivities take the form of a great musical journey around the world. In addition to six concerts planned in the room of the Grand Rex (we plan the electro-jazz of St Germain for the month of May), a dozen documentaries (again one per month) should be screened in the legendary movie theater (needless to say they will all be dedicated to the sounds of machines). We think for example of the famous Heretik System – We Had a dream Damien Raclot-Dauliac, released in 2010. For Frédéric Hocquard, deputy mayor of Paris responsible for nightlife, the city should be a partner of the festival Rexist : “The Rex is part of the radiation of this city. Thanks to the clubs, youth holds a special place in Paris. ”
Pedro Winter at the press conference of “Rexist”. Amaury Giraud / The Figaro Kind of godfather of the event, Pedro Winter (aka Busy p) is a well-known artist of the French and international electronic scene. Founder of the renowned Ed Banger label on which are produced, among others, members of the duo Justice, he became known in the 1990s by becoming the manager of the largest group of the “French Touch”: Daft Punk. Like a mise en abyme, Ed Banger will blow his fifteen candles on March 31st as part of the festival Rexist . For the occasion, Pedro Winter asked the musician Thomas Roussel (aka Prequell) to conduct a symphony orchestra that will take back the tubes of the label’s signatures (Boston Bun, Mr. Oizo, Cassius, Breakbot …). But beware, it will not be a concert as did a few years ago the DJ of Detroit Jeff Mills in collaboration with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Montpellier. Here, there are no drum machines or synthesizers in sight. Ropes, brass, drums … In short, electronic music but to the sound of cellos, basses and tubas! When he talks about the Rex Club, Pedro Winter can not help but be nostalgic. “I pushed the doors 25 years ago by lazy, he explains, I was tired of the Porte Maillot shuttles to go rave in mushroom Bougival. Busy P, who will play for the fourth time at the Coachella California Festival in the spring hopes that the last thirty years are only a beginning. Against the prevailing decline, it is also noteworthy that, if there is one area where the French excel, it is electronic music. Daft Punk, Justice, Air, this triptych sums up the last twenty years of the global musical avant-garde. And the Rex Club intends to live for a long time the spirit and the material of electro hexagonal and international.

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