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For or against glue hunting?

The Bird Protection League has announced that it is filing an appeal with the European Commission on Thursday 3 January against the practice of glue hunting in France. This traditional hunting is practiced in five departments of the Southeast.

The Cross gives the floor to the Bird Protection League and the National Association for the Defense of Traditional Thrush Hunts.

"The glue hunt dates from another time"

Allain Bougrain-Dubourg, president of LPO

"This practice is medieval, it dates from another time. It generates unquestionable suffering for the animal. We guess the agony suffered by the bird, which must struggle to free itself from this glue and who can not. It is the man who intervenes to release him. And we found at the feet of these trappings many feathers that prove that they are torn to free the bird. This is unacceptable with regard to the animal condition.

Then, the glu hunting is not selective. What do you do when goldfinches, big beaks or blue tits are trapped? They are protected species, prohibited to keep in captivity. The trappers indicate that they will conscientiously release the birds. But we realize, with the feathers found, that there are losses of plumage. And in some cases, it is necessary to wait at least one moult so that the bird can recover its normal plumage. " Read more.

"The glue hunt is very framed"

Eric Camoin, President of the National Association for the Defense of Traditional Thrush Hunting

"We are between 7,000 and 8,000 people practicing this traditional hunting technique. Its purpose is to catch blackbirds or thrushes with sticks sticking to the top of trees. These birds are caught alive and will then serve as callers to attract congeners during the rifle hunt. We remain on site since the laying of chopsticks in the morning until the uninstall, around 11 o'clock. This allows protected species, those that we do not have the right to catch, to stay in place for too long.

The glue hunt goes back to the Roman period. It was practiced in all the Provencal countryside, each with its hunting station. We find the presence of these positions in notarial acts. Originally, birds were sold alive or dead. Then the sale of birds was gradually banned. " Read more.

Collected by Ludovic Séré



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