For poor working conditions, they sue Facebook in Kenya

Kampala, Uganda

Lawyers for a man who once worked as a content moderator for Facebook have filed a lawsuit accusing the company of exploitative and unsafe working conditions.

The lawsuit against Meta Platforms, Facebook’s parent company, and outsourcing company Sama was filed Tuesday in a court in Nairobi, the Kenyan capital.

Daniel Motaung’s lawsuit “asks the Kenyan courts to order Facebook and its outsourcing companies to end exploitation at its Nairobi moderation center, where content moderators work in dangerous conditions,” reads a statement from Facebook. Foxglove, a London-based legal non-profit organization that supports Facebook content moderators.
The lawsuit states that content moderators must view “toxic content,” including graphic violence, which exposes them to mental health problems. It also requests that Facebook and Sama be ordered to respect the right of moderators to unionize.