For Siri, Apple changes its pattern and strategy


Apple has reviewed the organization of its Siri division. according to The Information, usually pretty well informed about these behind-the-scenes movements, Bill Stasior has dropped out of his job as Siri's boss, a position he held since 2012. He continues to work for Apple, without knowing where. John Giannendrea, Vice President of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, made the decision.

This former Google has now gone in search of a new manager for Siri. Giannendrea would have a fairly clear idea of ​​where the assistant should go: Siri must move away from small annual updates to move towards research, the long term.

It is also visible within Apple, which authorizes the publication of the work of its researchers and openly participates in specialized exhibitions.

Bill Stasior, who was then working for Amazon's A9 division (research), was hired by Scott Forstall to handle Siri. He presided over the development of the assistant, inaugurated in 2011 with the iPhone 4S. At the time, Apple had played the role of pioneer in this area, before losing ground against Alexa and Google Assistant.



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