For the 65th of Angus Young: With AC / DC in the Rock Olympus

Updated March 31, 2020, 1:46 p.m.

With a guitar in hand, Angus Young transforms into a long-suffering man. “Highway To Hell”, “T.N.T.”, “You Shook Me All Night Long” – with the lead guitarist and songwriter from AC / DC the band became one of the greatest rock acts of all time. On March 31, Angus Young celebrates his 65th birthday. © spot on news

Angus Young was born on March 31, 1955 in Cranhill near Glasgow in Scotland, and his family emigrated to Australia shortly afterwards. Together with his brother Malcolm (2nd from right), Angus founded the band AC / DC in the early 1970s and fiddled with them through smaller pubs.

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After AC / DC replaced their original singer Dave Evans with Bon Scott, the band quickly became a remarkable fan base in and around Sydney as a new live sensation. A record deal with Atlantic Records and classic albums like “Let There Be Rock” or “Highway To Hell” are the logical consequence.

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AC / DC backstage in the 80s: After Bon Scott’s tragic death in 1980, AC / DC found a worthy successor in Brian Johnson (right) – the first joint album “Back In Black” is their most successful ever and one of the best-selling ever.

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Angus Young has influenced countless guitarists with his Gibson SG guitar, which is somewhat reminiscent of devil horns with its cutouts, and his blues-drenched playing. Young is number 24 on the Rolling Stone list of the best guitarists of all time. According to Jerry Cantrell from Alice In Chains, he is “the real god of blues guitar”.

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Angus Young is a real miracle of fitness: Incidentally, the 1.57 meter small guitarist has never touched alcohol or drugs – for that he is a convinced chain smoker. That never hurt his stage performance. He runs several kilometers running and bouncing at an AC / DC concert.

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The anecdotes about Angus Young’s trademark now fill entire wikis. The story of the school uniform that the raging devil takes off during an AC / DC show during the obligatory striptease dates back to his school days. Back then, Angus disappeared into the rehearsal room for jamming right after class.

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Incidentally, Angus Young got the characteristic duckwalk from Chuck Berry. The musician, who died in 2017, was also a pioneer and inspirer for the typical AC / DC sound. It is characterized by rough hard rock riffs, but the group always saw itself as a “rock ‘n’ roll band”.

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The highlight of every AC / DC concert: Angus Young’s culminating solo show – the guitarist wallows under erratic twitches and discharges like an electric shock. Remarkably, however, his game never suffers from it.

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In 2003 AC / DC were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The idea for the band name comes from the sewing machine of Angus’ and Malcolm’s sister Margaret. There was “AC / DC”, the abbreviation for alternating current or direct current (alternating current / direct current). The brothers saw it as the appropriate name for their band, which is famous for raw energy and powerful performances.

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For more than 45 years in business and with over 150 million records sold, AC / DC are one of the largest rock bands of all time.

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Severe loss for the music world and a severe blow to Angus: On November 18, 2017, brother Malcolm Young dies after having struggled with a severe dementia for many years. As a result, the iconic rhythm guitarist had to leave AC / DC in 2014.

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During their “Rock Or Bust” tour, AC / DC had to temporarily replace their singer Brian Johnson with Axl Rose in 2016, otherwise Johnson would have threatened a complete hearing loss. Angus Young was extremely pleased with the Guns-N’-Roses frontman’s vocals: “He does it very well.”

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Meanwhile Brian Johnson can sing again. He and Angus Young were sighted in front of their Vancouver recording studio last year. The signs are thickening that AC / DC will release a new album in the near future and then deliver one of the largest rock shows in the world again.

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