For the first time, Hiromi’s widower publishes photo of his daughter Juliet

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Fernando Santana, widower of singer Hiromi Hayakawa, shared for the first time a photo on his Instagram account in which he appears carrying his daughter Julieta, who unfortunately lost his life with Hiromi in September 2017 due to complications in childbirth.

“She is my beautiful Julieta, I had her in my arms and she was so fragile, so small and so beautiful,” she wrote on her social networks. Fernando Santana accompanied the photograph with a message in which he remembered his daughter and the singer Hiromi.

“I always waited to carry a baby, I had never wanted to do it, the youngest I had carried was over 5 months old and this because I was afraid something would happen to him. I said that I would only do it with my children and that was the case, it was the first baby I carried as a newborn, ”she wrote on her social networks. Today I have thought about you a lot, I want you to know that I love you beautiful daughter and that you live in my heart and it will be like this forever, ”she said.

In the message, Fernando Santana makes a request to the little girl to take care of Hiromi in heaven. “Take care of your mommy and no boyfriends in eternity or those things, eh, because if we don’t get there, we are going to talk very seriously, you and I, miss,” she concluded.

The also singer constantly publishes photos in which he appears next to Hiromi and dedicates messages in which he mentions that he expresses the love he feels for her and how much he misses her every day.

Hiromi Hayakawa was a contestant on the reality show The academy in 2004, where he shared the stage with singer Carlos Rivera. Although she did not become a finalist, the singer earned the affection of the public for her emblematic performances in the Azteca program.

The singer developed in the field of musical theater with her performances in 12 princesses in conflict, Lies The Musical and Bule Bule. He also dubbed the main characters in movies like Alice in Wonderland, Alice through the mirror and Los Muppets.




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