For the first time in history, the Chinese Men’s Football World Cup lost 2:3 to Saudi Arabia | Saudi Team | World Cup Qualifiers

[Epoch Times October 13, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Xia Qiao reported) Saudi Arabia local time on October 12, the Saudi team defeated the Chinese team 3:2 at home, and won the World Cup qualifiers (world preliminaries) four consecutive victories . The losing Chinese team only won one game after four games, and the chance of qualifying is very slim.

Looking back at the history of the two teams in various competitions, the Chinese team has 6 wins, 4 draws and 7 losses, and is not at a disadvantage. In the history of the World Cup qualifiers, the Chinese team is unbeaten with 3 wins and 1 draw. But the last time the two sides met in the world preliminaries dates back to 1997. In that game, if Fan Zhiyi could score the penalty created by Hao Haidong, the Chinese team would have entered the World Cup for the first time. Time has passed, and now the Chinese team faces the Saudi team, and the only thing they can rely on is probably the four naturalized players.

However, the head coach Li Tie only sent central defender Jiang Guangtai as a naturalized player in the starting lineup. The Chinese team, played by 10 local players, showed a big gap in strength with the Saudi team at the beginning. The delicate passing skills of the Saudi players and the small-scale cooperation between the frontcourt players made the Chinese team tired of defense.

After persisting for 15 minutes, the Chinese team finally lost the goal. Saudi midfielder Sami Nagiya tried to cooperate with his teammates in a hit-the-wall style. The ball was blocked by the Chinese defender Jin Jingdao but it happened to fall at the feet of Sami Nagiya who was about to penetrate. Sami Nagiya Gia took an angry shot from the edge of the penalty area, the ball went straight to the dead corner, and the Saudi team led 1:0.

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In the 38th minute, Saudi Arabia attacked from the left and then shifted to the right with a long pass. Gunham made a pass from the edge of the penalty area. The ball passed through three Chinese defenders. After the point, Sammy Nagiya slammed the ball into the goal with his body. The Saudi team ended the first half with a score of 2:0.

At the beginning of the second half, the Chinese team replaced two naturalized players, Alan and Luo Guofu. The appearance of naturalized players makes the scene change instantly. Just one minute after the kick-off in the second half, Alan showed the delicate footwork of the Brazilian players and accurately passed the ball to Luo Guofu in the penalty area. Luo Guofu shot into the wonderful world wave, and the Chinese team got a goal back.

In the 60th minute, the Chinese team replaced Exon, another naturalized player from Brazil, stepped up the attack and tried to equalize the score. Persevering in the 71st minute, the Chinese team’s stake-like defensive player in the backcourt allowed the Saudi team to make continuous passes and cuts on the right side of the penalty area. Finally, Mohamed Kanu cut into the penalty area, the bottom line was reversed and the triangle returned, outflanking Feralas in place. ‧Breikhan rushed to score the goal before the Chinese defenders, and the Saudi team once again expanded its lead.

In the 86th minute, the Chinese team Wu Xi made a shot in front of the penalty area. It seemed that there was no threat, but Saudi Arabia’s substitute goalkeeper Fawaz Karni gave a gift and missed the goal. 3:2, the Chinese team saw another glimmer of hope. In the stoppage time period, the naturalized Chinese players played in the frontcourt. Exxon passed the ball back to Luo Guofu, who was quickly inserted. Luo Guofu did not pass the ball to Alan, who was in a better position, but chose himself. Shot from a small angle, the ball was saved by the Saudi goalkeeper. The final score is fixed at 3:2. The Chinese team lost to the Saudi team for the first time in the history of the World Preliminary.

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The Chinese coach Li Tie’s formation and use of the four naturalized players have been questioned by the outside world. (AFP via Getty Images)

After the four world preliminaries, the ability of the naturalized players was obviously beyond that of the local Chinese players, but in the four games, these four naturalized players have never started at the same time. I am afraid that only the Chinese team knows the reason for this.

Saudi team starting: 21-Oves (68′ 22-Karni), 2-Garnham, 3-Madu, 17-Amri, 12-Abdul Hamid (74′ 5- Bryi), 23-Kanu, 8-Malki (95′ 14-Ali Hassan), 19-Fahd-Mualad, 16-Sami-Naji (74′ 20-Ao Bud), 7-Salman-Faraj, 11-Salih-Sheikhri (68′ 9-Breikaan)

Chinese team starting: 1- Yan Junling, 3- Wang Shenchao, 5- Zhang Linpeng (80′ 4-Gao Junyi), 2- Li Ang (4′ 11-Alan), 6-Jiang Guangtai, 14-Zhu Chenjie, 19-Chi Zhongguo( 59′ 10-Zhang Xizhe), 13-Jin Jingdao (45′ 21-Luo Guofu), 15-Wu Xi, 18-Zhang Yuning (59′ 9-Exon), 7-Wulei.

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