The rail tunnel between France and Italy would be rather a financial abyss, according to a report commissioned by the Italian Ministry of Transport and unveiled Tuesday, February 12. This conclusion will deepen tensions between France and Italy.

Decidedly, Italy is more than skeptical about the rail tunnel between Lyon and Turin. An analysis commissioned by Rome estimates that the project presents a very negative profitability ". The 79-page text puts the necessary investments to finish and manage the infrastructure at € 7.9 billion.

More seriously, the transport of goods will be in deficit to the tune of 463 million euros. The benefits of rail versus road will not offset current government revenues on fuel consumption and tolls. Passenger transport, on the other hand, would generate a profit of 1.3 billion euros. All in all, the analysis concludes that the costs would be 7 billion euros above expenses.

Italy on the way for a break in the Lyon-Turin project

To further develop Franco-Italian relations

This report must be the "Starting point of a dialogue between the two executives", Italian and French, with the rapid organization of a "Bilateral meeting"wished the Italian Minister of Transport Danilo Toninelli when ordering. Translated into French, the text had been delivered to the French ambassador in Rome, just a few days before he was recalled by Paris.

France and Italy have been in trouble in recent weeks. In early February, Italian Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio, leader of the 5-star Movement, met with «Yellow vests» in Loiret, France. An ultimate « provocation For the French government, which recalled its diplomat.

Beyond the division between Paris and Rome, the Lyon-Turin link also breaks the populist coalition in power in Italy. The League (far right) of Matteo Salvini, Deputy Prime Minister, is very supportive of this project, while the 5-star movement of the other Deputy Prime Minister, Luigi Di Maio, is fiercely opposed.

Italy: Lyon-Turin, the railway line of the discord

The Cross (with AFP)



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