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For the little bosses, the star of Emmanuel Macron has strongly faded

Seduced by the head of state after his election in 2017, many business leaders no longer hide their doubts about its ability to reform.

By Elise Barthet Posted yesterday at 11h52

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It was their champion. The one who, " for once ", ticked all the boxes and went, they thought "Finally put the country back in working order". "Balanced", 'Realistic', 'Rational', 'Connected', "Seductive"… Considering their company, small or medium, the candidate Macron embodied a hope. President, he inspired confidence. But, while more than 75% of bosses plebiscite Emmanuel Macron in June 2017 after his election, only 27% say they are now satisfied with his policy, according to OpinionWay polling institute.

The presidential tumble in business circles is commensurate with the enthusiasm raised. "Membership as we have not seen for a long time for a political figure"recalls Bruno Jeanbart, Deputy Director of OpinionWay. Worn by the orders reforming the labor code and the image sent abroad, the popularity of the head of state remained very high for a year, despite a small dip at the time of the spring strikes. She dived in the fall. "The feeling that dominates since then is that he no longer has a hand", summarizes the sounder. Even the great national debate, supposed to reunite the French, is perceived as time lost by many entrepreneurs.

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All say it and deplore it: the management of the crisis opened by the movement of "yellow vests" was "Catastrophic".

"He failed to protect France, artisans and entrepreneurs. The big mistake was how slow he was to react. The stagnation has created an economic drama »Marie Rivenez, boss of GRG-Maison des Mandes and wholesaler in Rungis, is alarmed. She herself acknowledges "Passed a not too bad month".

But, if bonuses will be paid during February to sixty employees, hiring, they will remain suspended until further notice.

The concern is all the more acute as the economic situation is showing signs of slowing down. The dynamics have been slipping since January 2018: consumption and construction at half mast, foreign trade in limbo … Although companies continued to invest, the recovery suffered last year, the decline in the purchasing power of households, rising oil prices and the European slowdown.


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