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For the opposition and the "yellow vests", the response of the president remains insufficient to the crisis

Emmanuel Macron, in a press conference in the village hall of the Elysee, on April 25, 2019. – MARIN / AFP ludovic

A successful oral grand? Minimal responses to French anger? President Emmanuel Macron spoke on Thursday against the press to provide answers to the
"yellow vests" crisis, at the end of
great national debate and relaunch its five-year term to one month of Europeans.

Purchasing power, retreats, ecology: the opposition pointed the finger Thursday an inadequate response and away from the expectations of the French from Emmanuel Macron, which raises fears of some anger, after five months of crisis of "Yellow vests".

"Does Macron know that his speech was supposed to end the political crisis? He has just re-launched it by marching as he just did, "reacted on Twitter the leader of France insubordinate Jean-Luc Mélenchon. And if the head of state "did not understand anything to the expectations of the French, we will re-explain May 26! ", Launched his side of the list of the movement for European, Manon Aubry. For his part, LFI MP Adrien Quatennens believes that "it is now time to prepare seriously after Macron".

"It sounds hollow"

See you at the next events. This is the watchword on the side of "yellow vests". Priscillia Ludosky, one of the figures of the "yellow vests", tweeted the dates of the next upcoming mobilizations: "27/04 protest 01/05 protest 04/05 protest 08/05 protest 11/05 protest 18/05 protest 25/05 demo ".

Emmanuel Macron "did not listen to what we said," reacted to the AFP "yellow vests" Maxime Nicolle and Jerome Rodrigues, skeptical of the announced decisions. "He has not listened to what has been said in the street for five months," said Maxime Nicolle. "He began his speech by saying that what he had done for two years was very good and we did not understand it. We, we understood very well, he is incapable of a mea culpa. "

"Everything is rejected, everything is vague, nothing is precise, so Saturday it will show that we also know how to do things in depth and May 1, too," he said, calling for new events. "It sounds hollow. Basically, he stays the course, "reacted Jerome Rodrigues, another figure of the movement. "He's a good tchatcher, he would sell sand to a Berber in the desert, but it does not take. "

"I salute the work done, it's a fact: they have worked on the subject! (…) But the forgotten people of the Nation are the working poor, the farmers, the part-time, the precarious, all the ubers of society ", reacted the" yellow vest "Jacline Mouraud in a statement.

"This is not a press conference, it is a call to go down the street," said Olivier Besancenot, former spokesman for the New Anti-Capitalist Party.

The president "did not understand anything"

"Lower taxes", "social justice", "fight against illegal immigration and against insecurity": Emmanuel Macron "did not say anything, nothing brought", and "I fear very honestly that the anger of the French has very nice days in front of her, "warned the head of the list of the far-right party for the Europeans, Jordan Bardella, on BFM-TV. For his colleagues Nicolas Bay and Sébastien Chenu, Emmanuel Macron has "always understood nothing" and "does not change".

"There are still many forgotten (…), first pensioners", which "will not be reassessed on inflation in 2019," responded the Republican boss, Laurent Wauquiez, on France 2, regretting that there are only "small gestures, small corrections of the serious errors committed", and that "whole compartments of French are not concerned".

MP Eric Ciotti denounced "a fool's bargain" offered to retirees, because in reality "their purchasing power will continue to decline for 2 years! "Hypocrisy! Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, president of Debout France, said: "the retirement age of 62 will not be affected (…) the contribution period will be lengthened. In other words, we can leave "early" but with "very little".

In a press release, Florian Philippot, founder of the Patriots, judges that Emmanuel Macron "totally missed out on this much-awaited speech."

"I, I, I"

On the environment side, "all that for that! Yannick Jadot, head of the EELV list for the Europeans: "we were waiting for a Marshall plan on the climate (housing and renewable), a sanctuarization of public services (stations, maternity …) and vital infrastructures (airports, dams …) And in the end, "nothing, or so little …"

"Evasive on the ecology, imprecise on the new act of decentralization and the constitutional reform, laborious on the secularism put in relation with the migration and the family reunion. The President of the Republic speaks a lot about him and asks more questions than he answers, "said EELV spokesman David Cormand.

"I, I, I: 90 minutes on itself, one minute for the climate. From this point of view, nothing has changed, "lambasted Raphael Glucksmann, head of the PS / Place Publique list for Europeans.There will be" no act II ", concluded the boss of the PS, Olivier Faure.

"The French are asking for a change of policy. The president answers: I continue and I accelerate, "criticized Fabien Roussel, first secretary of the PCF, in the same vein that a Benoît Hamon (Generations) lambasting a president who" responds "I radicalize, I intensify and I accelerates my policy "".

Towards a new course

But Pascal Canfin, number two on the LREM list for the Europeans, hailed with AFP "two key reforms" to "accelerate the transition": "the citizens' conference will allow to get out of blockages starting from the concrete demands" both in housing and transport, and the "economic defense council will bring together the key ministries for the transition" (economy, housing, agriculture …) ". Although he "regretted" that he was "hard", the president explained that he did not think he had gone "wrong" and that "the transformations in progress should not be stopped".

The leader of LREM deputies, Gilles Le Gendre reacted to AFP after Emmanuel Macron's press conference: "The President was eagerly awaited and he managed the exercise by setting a course and providing answers. concrete problems to the problems expressed by the French during the great national debate: income tax, pensions, school, large dependence. It decides to go further and faster to achieve the great transitions of our society: ecology, digital, aging, working time. Guest of the JT of France 2, Stanislas Guerini, general delegate of LREM considers that the president fixed: "a clear course, a revolution of method and concrete announcements".

"A clear and reaffirmed course, a change of method to give more power to the French on democratic life, to remake nation. A refoundation for a more humane country. More freedoms, more new protections, more transformations, "said MP LREM to AFP.

In a joint statement, Municipalities, Departments and Regions await clarification after Emmanuel Macron's press conference


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