For the Pnrr we will hire 1 million resources in 5 years: the announcement of Minister Brunetta

Minister Brunetta’s announcement: “We will hire 1 million professionals who will have to help public administrations plan the resources of the NRP”.

The minister Renato Brunetta presented the new portal of the Public Administration, for the recruitment of the professionals necessary for the realization of the works envisaged by the Pnrr, and the Digital friend line: “InPa is the new recruitment portal, son of the Department of Public Administration, it will be used to recruit the human resources necessary for the realization of the PNRR and to facilitate the turnover”, explained the minister of the Pa Renato Brunetta.

“For the PNRR, specialists will be needed for the implementation of the various projects. Fixed-term contracts will be made, 3 + 2, thanks to European funds. We will increase from 800 thousand to one million and 800 thousand units in the next five years. at the end of the 5 years, 40% of these resources will be able to be hired in the Public Administration, with a competitive path. The recruitment will take place through this portal “, added the minister of Forza Italia. “Inpa is necessary because this recruitment could not be left to ordinary procedures”he stressed.

“InPa not only works for the PNRR but also for ordinary recruitment in the PA. About 100-120 thousand will be hired in the PA, indefinitely, on an ordinary basis, according to specialist qualifications, highly qualified professionals. For the next 5-6 years we will have therefore 500 thousand hires, about 100 thousand a year. Will these professionals be on the market in such a short time frame? “.

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“There will also be private investments, complementary to the NRP, which will naturally go in search of these professionals. A good competition therefore, between the public and private sectors. This tool will be put to the test in the coming days. It will be available for the Regions to start these selections “Brunetta said again.

“The other great innovation is represented by the fact that competitions today are only digital, there is no longer pen and paper. And this means that they are completed, from the announcement to the determination of the winners, in less than 100 days. The average is 87 days “, he added. “This innovation is truly changing the hiring and recruitment paths of the entire PA, central and peripheral. So portal into PA, the great demand in five years with over 1 million professionals for the PNRR and 600 thousand in the PA with turnover, and more totally digital and simplified competitions “.

“All Italians should put their CV in PA, also to check their professional position, as well as to look for work”, Brunetta said again, specifying that “They will be years of fat cows from the point of view of demand for jobs by the Public Administrations”.

How does inPa

To access inPa you will need to have a digital identity (SPID, CIE, CNS). The candidate will be able to insert his / her curriculum vitae on the portal, indicating his / her experiences and skills, and will be informed of the notices suitable for his / her professional profile. The portal will also be used to find all the calls for public administration present in the Official Journal: in real time it will also be possible to check how many candidates are for a specific position. When the notice of an open position comes out, all those who have entered their CV on the portal, and have the characteristics compatible with the offer, will receive an alert. At that point, one click is enough to apply.

Among the required profiles there are environmental engineers, civil engineers, architects, geology. Brunetta explained that i “profiles that will be spread region by region”, according to the needs of the territories.

Administrations will naturally also be able to take advantage of this powerful tool recruiting, searching in the database of professionals for the profiles best suited to their needs. They will be able to publish calls and notices and manage the process, in computerized mode, and monitor the applications and lists of professionals registered on the portal. To date there are 95 thousand members on inPa, 47% are women, 53% men.

What is Linea Amica Digitale

The President of Formez Alberto Bonisoli he then explained the functioning of Linea Amica Digitale, an artificial intelligence that proposes a system of responses for citizens who need to interface with the PA, and which also provides assistance to the public administrations themselves: “It is an intuition that is now being redesigned. Who are the interlocutors? It is the citizens who must relate to the PA. With the PNRR there are also the local authorities who need information and reassurance “.

“‘Friendly line – Brunetta recalled – was born after the L’Aquila earthquake providing a link app for those populations and support for the whole country. We have revived Linea Amica which had fallen asleep a bit on today’s issues. Linea Amica has set up a communication, illustration and training system for all public administrations to understand the complexity of the NRR and its potential. The other component is always that of customer satisfaction, that is to say responding to the needs that arise within the country with respect to the satisfaction of the services provided by citizens “.

On the Formez website we read: “The ‘Linea amica Digitale’ project was created with the aim of creating an effective integrated digital communication service and enhancing the quality of the PA’s interaction with citizens by promoting a more effective use of digital services, greater transparency, interoperability and access to public data, through the activation of a support and assistance center, and training initiatives aimed at enhancing skills in the PA on the management and production of public data “.

Green Pass enhanced in the PA?

“There has just been a meeting with the Regions, tomorrow there is the control room, and on Thursday there will be the CDM. There is this need to extend vaccinations and green passes to certain figures of the PA, but not only. especially those related to the front office, to relations with the public. And then there is still the issue of tpl to decide “, said Brunetta, answering questions from reporters. The minister clarified, however, that the government is still discussing the possibility of upgrading the Green pass, also providing it on public transport.

“It is on the agenda in the evaluation of the CTS, we wait and then we will take decisions with a view to rigor and responsibility to have the maximum openings in our economy and social relations, of course, for those who are vaccinated and for those who have the green pass. “.

A solution for navigators

A structural solution could be found for the 2100 navigator, the figures hired by Anpal to find work for the earners of the Basic income, whose renewal was not foreseen by the budget law currently under discussion in Parliament. Minister Brunetta reported having had a meeting with the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando.