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For the restaurateurs of Chartres, “we miss the world of work” during the week

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“During the week, the frequentation of restaurants is very uncertain”, estimates Rudy Carnis, president of the Union of trades and industries of the hotel trade (Umih) of Eure-et-Loir.

“We miss the world of work. Between teleworking and the closing of restaurants, employees have adopted other habits for lunch. We hope they will come back to us. On the other hand, on weekends, it’s the opposite: people want to have fun and they go to a restaurant. “

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Finally, not all, according to Rudy Carnis: “Some continue to use take-out. This is the case when the guests are more than six, the maximum number allowed for the same table, in the restaurant. As recently for Mother’s Day. But that only represents 5% of our turnover. “
“Overall, we see the same problem in our restaurants. Those who can accommodate large numbers of customers lack staff and conversely, those who have large numbers of staff lack space, ”adds Rudy Carnis, impatiently awaiting the full reopening of the dining rooms on Wednesday, June 30.

Bruno and Maryline Levassort, at the head of the restaurant Le Tripot for 19 years, rue Colin-d’Harleville, are also impatiently awaiting the lifting of the half-gauges. “We don’t have a terrace, so we had to wait until June 9 to reopen. “

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Since that date, they can accommodate at best sixteen customers, while their room can hold thirty-two in normal times. “Fortunately, I only work with two apprentices from the CFA Interpro de Chartres,” explains Bruno Levassort. “Luckily, since our closure, they have always come to the restaurant alternately. And now that we are going to reopen completely, they will both be available to help me in the kitchen, since they have completed their studies for this year. ”

If Bruno Levassort got through this period of crisis without too much trouble, he says, it is because he worked particularly well with take-out sales. “We had rented a chalet on Place des Halles,” he explains.
“Some days we sold up to sixty meals. And during the holidays, we made the equivalent of 100 covers a day. “

Rudy Carnis is of course satisfied that activity is restarting, but he does not hide his concern for the months to come: “From September, we will have to start paying certain charges again. And from March 2022, it will be necessary to start repaying the loan guaranteed by the State. For some, it’s going to be bamboozle. “

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