For the sake of her daughter, she decides on her boyfriend, this mother figure is desperate to have sex with her child’s lover, but ends tragically!

Sosok.ID – The heart’s intention to be a good parent figure for their children, this one mother figure must end tragically.

Sosk, a mother from Beijing, China, was desperate to have sexual relations with her daughter’s boyfriend.

Reported from on Sunday (10/17/2021), this was done so that the princess broke up from the lover she did not approve of.

Starting from the thief’s confession on June 17, 2003, which stated that he knew of the criminal acts committed by his friend.

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The figure of this thief friend named Yan Zhuo who did not continue his education and only repaired computers to make a living.

When he left, he met a student who majored in English at a university in Beijing named Chen Jing.

Yan Zhuo lied and said that he was going to open a computer company in Haidan district, Beijing.

This was done in order to be able to approach the figure of the woman he met.

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Both of them became more confident in each other and decided to get married after Chen Jing graduated from college.

Unfortunately, the relationship between the two became known to Chen Jiang’s mother named Chen Haiyan in 2002.

As a single mother, Chen Haiyan’s heart ached knowing that the child she raised alone even lived in the same house with a man and did not focus on her studies.

He asked Chen Jing to decide on Yan Zhuo.

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But already in love, the princess did not want to do it.

In August 2002, it was Chen Jing who brought Yan Zhuo to his mother and asked for her blessing.

Chen Haiyan slightly melted and judged that his son’s lover was handsome and looked good.

Then at the next meeting, the forbidden relationship between the prospective mother-in-law and daughter-in-law occurred.

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That night, Chen Jing went out to meet his friend and left Chen Haiyan and Yan Zhuo alone.

The two of them told stories while drinking alcohol that Yan Zhuo and Chen Haiyan had sex.

Because of this incident, Chen Haiyan asked the princess to break up which made Chen Jiang confused, not to mention that Yan Zhuo also suddenly changed attitude with him.

It was then, Chen Haiyan knew that Yan Zhuo cheated on his daughter, he knew that his son’s lover didn’t have a steady job.

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Chen Haiyan then trapped Yan Zhuo to sleep together again and took a picture of the two committing immoral acts.

On February 20, 2003, Yan Zhuo told Chen Haiyan he wanted to get back together with Chen Jing.

Chen Haiyan suddenly disagreed and showed the two hot photos as a threat.

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Chen Haiyan would report that Yan Zhuo raped her if she still dared to approach her daughter.

Yan Zhuo lost his mind, he felt that his life was ruined by Chen Haiyan.

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In the dark, he killed Chen Haiyan and dismembered his body into six pieces.

Four years later, Yan Zhuo paid for his sins, he was sentenced to death for his heinous case.