For the scandal that shook the NBA, they sanction and suspend LeBron James

The NBA did not forgive the show that LeBron James e Isaiah Stewart left in the game between Lakers and Pistons, where an elbow from the Angelina star unleashed the pivot’s fury that ended with a bloody face. The incident began with Stewart’s off-the-ball foul with 9:18 left in the third quarter, during the Pistons’ 121-116 loss to the Lakers.

After all the chaos was controlled and the Pistons player was taken to the dressing rooms, the umpires decided to give James a flagrant type 2 foul and he was sent off, while Stewart received two technical fouls and sent off. This Monday, the league decided to suspend LeBron for one game, while Stewart will have two games of punishment for acting in an unsportsmanlike manner.



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