for their ten years of existence, Éditions Zortziko are coming out of their reserve with treasures

By Jean-Pierre Tamisier – [email protected]

Created by Christian Velez, Éditions Zortziko now has around fifty books in their repertoire. All without any editorial line other than the talent, originality and energy of the authors.

Visual artist, artistic director, author and screenwriter, Christian Velez is a multifaceted creator. “I studied classical letters and art. I combined the two. Which leads me to do different jobs, ”explains the founder of Éditions Zortziko, based in Anglet, with a smile.

A small publishing house no doubt, but which has about fifty books in its repertoire, with the peculiarity that they do not hang on to a definite editorial line. For Christian Velez, it is the talent, energy and originality of the authors that counts above all. Qualities that are found as well in novels, essays, comics and even calendars.

It all started in 2011 with “Deklinabide Baigorri” by Michel Oronos and Jean Haritschelhar. “A UFO art book, semantics, typography and graphics”, says Christian Velez about this book which dedicated him editor, “me who was until then only author and reader”.

A link with the Basque language

Following this first and atypical experience, Christian Velez got caught up in the game and decided to include a fourth profession in his professional repertoire. “Without defining an editorial line, other than the fact that I like or not what I am being offered and that there is a link with the Basque language, even if it is written in French. “

Christian Velez does not speak Basque, moreover. “But that’s never a problem,” he says. The important thing is that the projects come out. »In the wake of« Dekinabide », Zortziko released a book a year. “Then three, then five, adds Christian Velez. By period, I place one of my trades in front of the others. The time for being a publisher has come. “

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About fifty titles

Today, Zortziko has a fund of around fifty stocks. Currently he runs book fairs to present the latest publications. Among them, the works of the Faire face collection, in collaboration with the Biarritz novelist Jean-René Geyer. It is devoted to testing. It was inaugurated by the novelist Kenneth White with “Open Letter from the Bay of Biscay”. Then there was the novelist and poet Itxaro Borda with “Praise of the rain. In the summer rain, the heron’s legs shorten ”and Michel Berger, an artificial intelligence specialist who offers“ Prepare for tomorrow ”.

At the same time, Zortziko also offers “Harribeltzeta” by Joseba Aurkenerena Barandiaran, entirely in Basque and a reissue, completed and updated, of “Iparretarrak, history of an armed political organization” by Eneko Bidegain.

In very different registers, we find “Klak”, a story all in drawing by the designer Iñaki Martiearena Otxorea who signs Mattin and offers in this book with humor, a reflection from a door of freedom that opens and closes. , depending on which side you are on. In a funny and light register, there is also the new “Calendar of girls”, by Audrey Birles, graphic designer and illustrator from Bayonne.