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For them 400 million, for them 30: the striking figures of the Women's World Cup

The Women's World Cup begins with 750,000 tickets sold and record figures on television

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The players of the selection, in a training.

Two retired military officers who served in theUnited States Armed ForcesThey chat at a hotel breakfast just outside Le Havre, an hour and a half by car fromOmaha Beach. Is theDay D.They are Latinos, from New York, but they live with their women in the Netherlands and are here to celebrate the Landing. When leaving in the conversation the dispute ofWomen's World Cup, are able to distinguish two players:Lieke Martens and Alex Morgan. The first, Dutch, best player in the world in 2017 after lifting theEurocopawith his country and star signing ofFC Barcelonathe last summer; and the second, American, star of the current world champion,video game coverand media footballer par excellence at present.

Spain has been working for several years, few still, to try that one day their players are so well known worldwide that two people who have nothing to do with women's football are able to name, without thinking, one of the names that appear in the shirt of the selection. «We have opened a door and every day we are closer »,ExplainBeautiful Jenni. The door was theWorld Canada, four years ago, and today we reach the end of the corridor.

France and South Koreathey open tonight (9pm) the World Cup in the Parc des Princes de Paris. Tomorrow it will be the turn of the Group of Spain, the B, with theGermany-Chinaat 3:00 p.m. and the one facing Jorge Vilda's team againstSouth Africaat 18:00, at the Stade Océane in Le Havre, a stadium where Spain will play two games (tomorrow and the third of the group stage against China) but in which they will not be able to train, only «recognizing» today for about minutes, "so as not to damage the grass", they say, as it happened, for example, to the men's team last summer at the World Cup in Russia, when they had to look for an alternative field to that ofKaliningradto prepare the game against Morocco.

Following the calendar, on Sunday they will debutAustralia and England, with Phil Neville, former Manchester United player and assistant to his brother when he assumed the Valencia bench, directing the British. They and the oceanic ones, with the scorer Sam Kerr to the front, are two of the selections called to demolish the wall of the favorites. For Sunday is also the first moment of Brazil's historicMartha, that at its 33 years will play its last World Cup. Canarinha no longer has the poster of previous years, but is one of the selections that most passions awaken in the stands.Japan, runner-up in the world, will take the field on Monday, while on Tuesday it is reserved forHollandand the almightyU.S. The North Americans, three times champions of the world (1991, 1999 and 2015) are the rival to beat for the other 23 in a system of competition that has divided the selections in six groups and that will reward with the presence in the second round four best third.

The French, who already celebrated a great event with the 2016 European Championship, are totally committed to the celebration and to the possible double that they can make after the victory ofGriezmann, Pogbaand company in Russia. The organization has already reached the750,000 ticketssold and trusts to break down the barrier of the million with the global of theeight venues: Nice, Montpellier, Valenciennes, Rennes, Reims, Paris, Le Havre and Lyon, stage on July 7 of a final for which tickets sold out at 30 minutes of its sale, On television, the tournament will be will emit in135 countries and will exceed 1 billion viewers, a record number that improves the 750 of the World Cup in Canada.And how does this translate into money? The budget of FIFA in prizes for the event is of30 million dollars, twice as many as four years ago … But much less compared to the lastMen's World, in which the figure was400 million. In fact France, winning team, took more money in 2018 (38 million) than the total of the prizes to be distributed this year. The amount of publicity and the number of sponsors are not the same, so "equality is far away," many players argue logically. Others, however, do complain to FIFA that the difference is not so great. The Australians have led a protest under the motto "Now is our time", focusing on the fact that if they win the World Cup they will take less money than the men of their country in Russia.

Theglobal fever for women's footballin the last year helps these claims: theWanda MetropolitanIt welcomed more than 60,000 spectators at the Atlético de Madrid-Barcelona last March, in what was the most attended women's match in the history of Spain. A spectacular fact, although far from the 90,000 that were gathered in theRose Bowlfor the final of the 1999 World Cup between the United States and China.

According to data from FIFA, there are more than29 million girlsand women playing soccer,60,000of them with file in some of the Spanish Federations. "It's very difficult for talent to escape us," explains Jorge Vilda. Figures that speak a lot and very well of the growth of women's football in Spain, protagonist in 2018Sub 20 world, in which he lost the final against Japan, andsub'17, in which he conquered the title. "We have the best women's football academy in the world", explains the coach with pride.

That number of players is still far from countries that double, triple or quadruple the numbers of Spain, such as the United States, where 1.7 million women play or Holland, which will border the 200,000 federated in 2020 being a country of 17 million inhabitants , the third part of Spain. The message from the Spanish concentration is clear:«The World Cup in Canada was the beginning, but this World Cup can change everything» Today starts to roll the ball. A ball that is already unstoppable.

The World Cup, in six pieces

15 players. The ones that Barça has among all the teams, the team that more. He is followed by Olympique de Lyon, with 14, and Manchester City and Chelsea with 12.

37 years. The Spanish coach, Jorge Vilda, is the youngest of the tournament, followed by Phil Neville (42). Tom Sermanni, from New Zealand, the oldest with 64.

8 women. Of the 24 technicians: Voss-Tecklenburg (ALE), Diacre (FRA), Wiegman (HOL), Kerr (ESC), Takakura (JAP), Ellis (USA) Bertolini (Ita) and Ellis (RSA).

2 Spanish. Del Cerro Grande and Sánchez Martínez will be the only Spanish referees and will be part of the VAR. The 27 field umpires will be women.

16 years. The Australian Mary Fowler is the youngest player in the tournament. She was born in 2003, 15 years later than the Brazilian Formiga, veteran of the World Championship, born in 1978.

8th favorite. United States, France, Germany, England, Holland, Japan, Australia … and Spain. Those of Vilda rise, and much, in the betting houses

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