Thank you for reading the news about these reasons do not take your smart phone to the bathroom and now with the details After it became difficult to dispense with the smartphone at all times, spread the phenomenon of users of these phones who take with them even to the bathroom. According to the Mirror, a series of studies and studies have revealed the seriousness of this behavior, and what causes people to take their smart phones to latrines. The British newspaper said that three British scientists have detected the danger of using the phone in the bathroom, and how to reduce this risk in case you can not abandon the habit.

The danger to taking the phone to the bathroom is to pick up harmful bacteria that may be present in the bathrooms, scientists told the newspaper. Scientists have identified some of the harmful bacteria that may be present in bathrooms, such as Salmonella, E. coli and C. Daviesel, pointing out that they may be transmitted to the same person and to the phone and then to others who physically contact this person after leaving the bathroom. In addition to spreading these bacteria in other ways through the doors of bathrooms or faucets or any other equipment inside the bathroom, and will pass the bacteria to people as soon as they touch him. Ron Cutler, a biomedical scientist at the University of Queen Mary in London, advised that the best solution to prevent bacterial transmission is to avoid taking the smart phone to the bathroom. Thank you for reading this. Take your smart phone to the bathroom on the Gulf 365 and note that the content of the topic was written by Saudi Arabia 365 and may have been fully transmitted or quoted from him and you can read and follow the news of the source of the following link Saudi Arabia 365 We are not responsible for the content of this news with best wishes for Happy Day . .


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