For this reason ... «Apple» threatens its employees to prison

For this reason ... «Apple» threatens its employees to prison

Apple warned for the second time in the same year that its staff leaked information to the press and the public. The statement, published by Apple in its internal blog, said the company had captured 29 informants and 12 of them had been brought to the police. “They are not only losing their jobs, but they may find it very difficult to find work elsewhere,” the statement said. , According to the magazine «Fortune». Tim Cook, the company’s chief executive, said the company “is keeping the product secret,” he said, in the face of leaks that continue to emerge. The warning – from the company based in Cupertino, California – includes internal information about future plans, raising the ceiling of possible legal proceedings and criminal charges to jail. The warning follows major leaks about key details of iPhone, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.
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