for Vivendi the TIM network is worth 31 billion

31 billion euros: this is the evaluation of the Tim network according to Vivendi. This is what emerges from press rumors according to which iThe first shareholder of telco aims to transfer at least 10 billion of debt to Netco – the company in which network assets are sought –. It is precisely on debt and on the enhancement of the network that the discussion between shareholders is also focusing in view of the creation of the single network with Open Fiber. The details of the industrial plan will be presented by the CEO Pietro Labriola on 7 July.

How much is the TIM network worth?

The real crux is represented by the enhancement of the Tim network: Vivendi has already made it known that it is not available for “sales”.

“I think the separation of the network, and the resulting creation of a single network, is the option that would potentially create more value for Tim; but if the real value is not recognized, given that we are a long-term industrial investor, we are ready to consider other options able to reveal all of Tim’s potential in the interest of all stakeholders. It has to be clear that Vivendi is the strongest defender of Tim’s interests in this match”, He declared in recent days Arnaud de Puyfontaine, CEO of Vivendi.

June 21, 2022 – 12:00

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The role of Cdp

Cdp in share with 40% and the remaining 60% divided equally between Kkr and Macquaire: this is the hypothesis resulting from press indiscretions on the configuration of the single Tlc network. In recent days Cassa Depositi was given at 70% but the share seemed unlikely from the beginning considering the weight of the two funds in the game: Kkr has 37.5% in Fibercop, Tim’s wholesale company which would represent the pivot of the a newco operation after the spin-off – all to be done and defined in detail – which Tim Pietro Labriola’s CEO is working on as part of the new business plan. The Australian Macquaire for its part boasts 40% in Open Fiber.

TopCo also check

Always according to rumors ServCo, the service company that will be created following the spin-off plan, will in turn control TopCoa company in which the Top clients of Tim, Noovle, Telsy and Olivetti will converge.

The unions in the square

The rumors circulated on the eve of the national strike announced by the unions for tomorrow. “The now unacceptable corporate uncertainties, an industrial plan aimed at the alienation of the Tim Group, the absence of reassurance from politics force us once again to strike and demonstrate with a national garrison in Rome, and in Piazza Cordusio in Milan from 10 am onwards, in defense of employment levels ”, they underline in a joint note Slc Cgil, Fistel, Uilcom regional: “The nefarious choices of this” destructive “plan of one of the largest companies in the country jeopardize the employment destiny of at least forty thousand male and female workers and as many of the related industries, as well as collapse the entire telecommunications system in Italy . We cannot accept this feared ‘stew’ which aims exclusively at a financial and not industrial logic (innovation, investment, digitization and infrastructure for the country). The risk is too great. The consequences for both quality of service and employment levels could be dramatic; these are the reasons that will bring us back to the streets with a whole day of strike. The involvement of the entire sector is becoming increasingly indispensable for us “


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