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Tablets have evolved – over time, from seemingly simple entertainment devices to sophisticated devices that combine the functions of a mobile phone, laptop, TV and even a game console, becoming an everyday helper for a variety of tasks, regardless of location. This device is much more complete and can do much more than we can imagine, providing everything you need for productive work and study, as well as for leisure and entertainment.

For convenient knowledge transfer

Tablets can benefit pupils and students as well as teachers in the learning process. First, they provide instant access to a wide range of information – pupils and students can search for information on the Internet, download a variety of teaching materials, and contact teachers and trainers for help with a task. Second, there are a variety of educational applications available on tablets that can be useful in the learning process, such as math, reading, and language applications. It is also possible to develop tailor-made lesson plans that suit each student’s learning style, rather than accepting a one-size-fits-all approach.

“Because tablets are easy to carry, they are easy to take with you to the learning experience outside the school bench, documenting, taking photos, creating video and voice recordings of your experiences. Educational devices can also offer meaningful learning games that help pupils and students learn new skills while having fun, ”explains Mikus Tillers, Huawei Product Training Manager.

Tablets also act as e-books – they can download PDFs, comics, long web articles, classic novels and even a compulsory school bibliography. Thanks to the device’s functionality, long readings are no longer a scare for pupils and students, as reading can be easily adapted to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, combining the pleasant with the useful.

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For productivity and presence

The compactness and portability of tablets have earned praise from employees who are often on the go. Because the tablet is lightweight and takes up little space, it’s a much better companion than a laptop, and it’s sized to read and respond to important work emails without compromising your vision. In addition to being easy to carry, it also provides longer battery life and lower security risks on public Internet networks. Now, business trips are no longer a concern for overdue work, as everything can be done with this smart device.

“Tablets are also great for meetings or presentations with colleagues and business clients, both in person and in hybrid mode. For example, if you need to write down important details of a conversation, it’s much easier to do it with a tablet, but if you don’t have time to take notes, you can save an audio recording of a meeting or presentation to your tablet and listen to it later. As this smart device is equipped with a camera and a high-quality sound system, it is also a useful tool for video conferencing. For example, the Huawei MatePad provides sound capture and noise reduction thanks to three built-in microphones and noise reduction technology, whose algorithms are able to distinguish and filter voices from unwanted noise in real time, ”says the expert.

For entertainment and talent development

Regardless of age and the user’s technological skills, the tablet is able to offer entertainment options for every life situation. A time-lapse for kids on a long drive or watching a movie before going to bed in their favorite movie streaming location – a tablet can do it all and more. Watching your favorite movies, streaming music, catching up on the news, and taking photos and videos are no longer the only entertainment options – today, this smart device offers people to develop their talents and ideas in a simple, effortless way, such as creating music, perfecting digital paintings. skills or writing.

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