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Forced Crossplay for PS4 and Xbox One – Will Fortnite Run Away?

With the announcement,
PS4 and Xbox players in
Fortnite: Battle Royale now forcibly compete against each other
Let Epic take a strange step. Even if the
official reason seems logical, the procedure could also sign one
At least our author Robert believes that the overall player base will decrease.

What changed Epic on Matchmaking? With the last patch on the game version 8.10 the composition of the lobbies has changed:

  • If a cross-platform matchmaking was optional before the update, it is now mandatory. This means that PS4 players and gamers on the Xbox One now compete against each other.
  • The same applies to the platform Nintendo Switch and smartphones, which now always play against each other.
  • Only players on the PC remain with each other, apart from console players who play with mouse and keyboard.
Chase each other up now: PS4 and Xbox One players

What does Epic use to justify this step? The official rationale from Fortnite developer Epic sounds cryptic:

Our intent has been to unlock more optimization potential so we can run more standard modes for more hours a day, while supporting more locations with data centers. Please give us your feedback about your experiences!

Developer Epic about the changes in the Patch_Modes

In short, Epic needs to merge platforms to maximize the range of available playlists:

  • But why is this step coming right now?
  • and why was the number of available playlists not a problem before, but now?

The real reason, in my view, is as profane as it is plausible. Fortnite loses players.

That's why Fortnite needs so many players:

Fortnite's player base is incredibly fragmented and Epic relies on many Fortnite players to play.

  • Fortnite offers many different game modes, as well as solo, duo, squad, and group wedges, as well as regular time-limited modes
  • then they have x-different data centers in every corner of the world
  • and each platform has its own player pool

If every platform at each data center in the world needs its own playlists, there may be a long wait for someone to play an unusual mode at night. Epic obviously wants to avoid that.

Could Fortnite
actually have a problem with the player base?
There is for this thesis
good reasons:

Also the Kugler can not inspire the players overly

After Fortnite has rushed from one record to the next in terms of player numbers, the number of players could actually decrease. This is not surprising, after all it is a great challenge to keep a game fresh and to keep the players happy.

However, a decreasing number of players can react differently. Epic is still in a very comfortable situation here with Fortnite, as the Destiny example shows.

Destiny renounced game modes

So Destiny dealt with declining player numbers: In Destiny, players could choose the exact game mode, such as control or conflict, in the competitive multiplayer game.

This fragmentation of the game modes has meant that especially in the quieter times, the matchmaking has taken a long time. In addition, the algorithm has even thrown players of different continents into one game, which has further degraded the game experience by lags.

In Destiny 1 there were several playlists

Destiny developer Bungie did not have the ability to put together different platforms (Crossplay between PS4 and Xbox One has become acceptable only with Fortnite ever). That's why Destiny 2 has the playlists and game modes combined.

Thus, the entire player base is distributed instead of on
six game modes only on two playlists. Migrations of players can do so
be collected much better. Matchmaking is running comparatively
fast, the connections are more stable.

In addition to the normal playlists there are also events in Fortnite

What is the disadvantage of consolidated playlists? Players can no longer choose which game mode they want to play, so unpopular game variants are forcibly played.

A problem that Epic does not have to deal with (at least for now).

Fewer platform pools, consistent number of modes

Can Fortnite do that
same "fate" as Destiny overtake?
Theoretically, from this one
Point Fortnite is in my opinion, however far away. The game
has always lived from its great diversity in various ways
Game modes. Also the speed of matchmaking and finding new lobbies
honor Fortnite: Battle Royale since its launch.

Have gone to Season 8 – planes

The at least partial consolidation of the platforms is
a smart measure. The future and the future timetable for Fortnite will be
show if this measure was the only one needed or more follow

What do you think? Has
Epic the platforms folded together to meet a player's loss? Or
is there something else behind it?


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