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Home World Forced to Fork: 13 year old injured accidentally, "Gunfire"

Forced to Fork: 13 year old injured accidentally, "Gunfire"


It happened in the evening

13-year-old fork ambush wounded by burst shots

of Simonetta Ieppariello

Still shoot in the street in Naples, and it is far west in the early evening. Shoot and terror in Rione Forcella, in the old town center. Shoot in the neighborhood symbol of the ferocity of the unleashed Camorra, the same area of ​​Naples in which 14 years ago Annalisa Durante was shot and killed by mistake during an ambush, innocent victim of malanapoli.

Yesterday evening fear in via Pietro Colletta for a real ambush in which the child, the son of the owner of the betting agency, is struck by a bullet from a bullet to the cheekbone.

The dynamics

Just before 9pm, an armed commando exploded at least five gunshots against the windows of the betting center of the square. In the intentions of the criminals perhaps there was the precise will to hit a well-known character linked to the clans of the area. But he was a child of only 13 years old, a relative of the betting agency's owner who was the lead of the 9-caliber pistol shotgun, centered on a cheekbone.

The fibrillations between clans

It is a period of great tensions between the Camorra clans in Naples: from East to West, passing through the historic center, organized crime has returned to fire almost daily. The most serious affair in Forcella, in the heart of Naples, on the night between 3 and 4 September, when a 52-year-old woman on the balcony of her house was hit by a stray bullet in one leg during a paving of Camorra. A few days before shooting at Piazza Mercato, an area that has always been the Mazzarella stronghold.

But spread and shootings, ambushes and demonstration actions cross Naples from the center to the periphery. Five gun cases were found in via Nuova Villa, in the eastern part of Naples. Alerting the police had been a signal that arrived in the late evening at 113. Once in place the agents had found the five shells. Fortunately, there were no injuries. A few hours later a 41-year-old prisoner – Giuseppe C., from Ponticelli, – was shot in the night at the Mercato.

The man who makes the unauthorized parking in the area had been approached at 2 by a centaur who was wearing a full-face helmet and that exploded against two revolvers in the lower back.


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