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Ford leaving Russia announced discounts for cars :: Society :: RBC

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Ford leaving Russia announces discounts on cars

The manufacturer promises that by purchasing Ford Kuga, Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta and Ford Explorer models in April, it will be possible to save up to 585 thousand rubles.

Photo: Artem Geodakyan / TASS

Ford Sollers announced a campaign in April 2019, which significantly reduces the price of Ford Kuga, Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta and Ford Explorer models. The maximum discount, taking into account all existing marketing programs, will be 585 thousand rubles, the company said in a statement received by RBC.

The price of sedans, hatchbacks and wagons of the Ford Focus of all configurations in the framework of the action has been reduced by 175 thousand rubles. The maximum benefit when buying a Ford Focus will be 329 thousand rubles, the buyers of the hatchback version of Titanium can count on it. »(Compensation of 10% of the cost of a car purchased on credit) can be purchased at a price of 705 thousand rubles.

Ford goes light

The price of the Ford Kuga mid-size crossover has also been reduced by 175,000 rubles. in all trim levels. In this case, Ford Kuga buyers in the top configuration Platinum will be able to save up to 295 thousand rubles. With all marketing programs Ford Kuga in the basic configuration can be purchased for 1.3 million rubles.

The price of a seven-seater SUV Ford Explorer reduced by 400 thousand rubles. in all trim levels. The minimum cost of the Ford Explorer in the basic XLT configuration, taking into account marketing programs, will be 2,372 million rubles, the maximum savings taking into account the benefits of the Ford Credit program can reach 585 thousand rubles.

In addition, there is an additional offer "Loyal disposal", providing savings of 100 thousand rubles. when providing documents confirming the deregistration of the Ford Explorer vehicle in connection with the disposal (this proposal is incompatible with the Ford Credit program).

The price of compact sedans and hatchbacks Ford Fiesta reduced by 75 thousand rubles. in all trim levels. The maximum benefit when buying a hatchback in the top configuration Platinum, taking into account savings under the state program "First car" or "Family car" will be 229 thousand rubles.



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