Ford Ranger 2023 | Lead

Buyers will have to wait about a year more before they can order the next-generation Ford Ranger pickup, and the first cars will only arrive at the dealerships in early 2023. Nevertheless, a number of relevant information has already been published by the factory.

Ranger has been designed with customer feedback in mind, and this is true of design. Global buyers appear to be terribly envious of the F-150, available primarily in North America, because the Ranger’s brand-new grille and daytime running lights in parentheses evoke the oversea model. The backlight rhymes with the front.

The all-new Ford Ranger 2 has been unveiled

The redesigned nose isn’t just spectacular, of course: for the first time, the Ranger is also available with matrix LED headlights. Rich technological content continues in the passenger compartment, with soft-touch materials and a next-generation infotainment system running on a portrait-format touch screen (10.1 or 12-inch).

The all-new Ford Ranger 3 has been unveiled

The new Ranger will be available for the first time in Thailand and South Africa, which means that the car is on the right

This separate menu system summarizes all offroad functions and feedback. Also here is a picture of a 360-degree panoramic camera; its use is made more efficient by circular ambient lighting. The cabin is full of practical storage space, cavities, pockets and drawers.

The all-new Ford Ranger 4 has been unveiled

Mode selector and electric parking brake

The wheelbase and track width of both the new model have been increased by 50mm, resulting in a better front terrain and articulation ability. The rear shock absorbers have been relocated, which improves suspension comfort regardless of the load.

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Thanks to the redesigned nose design, the engine compartment could be more spacious, so the new V6’s top diesel could fit in the nose, and – and this is a really exciting message for the press – “any later powertrain technology”. It is already known that from 2024, the Ranger will also be available in an electrified version – presumably as a plug-in hybrid.

The all-new Ford Ranger 5 has been unveiled

In the meantime, the 3.0 V6 diesel, already used in other models, leads the launch range. Performance data for this has not yet been released by Ford, nor have details of the proven two-liter diesel and twin-turbo diesels been released.

The Ford Ranger will be available with two all-wheel drive systems. One can be switched electronically on the go and the other is permanent all-wheel drive. There are double towing eyes on the front of the car.

The all-new Ford Ranger 6 has been unveiled

Also based on reader feedback, the integrated performers next to the rear wheels have been developed. Anyway, that certain +50 mm track was not so much aimed at improving driving stability, but at widening the platform and thus improving loading capacity. The platform will receive a molded plastic liner, the number of mooring points has been increased, and sockets for tarpaulins and other retrofits have been prepared.

The all-new Ford Ranger 7 has been unveiled

Centimeter scaling at the edge of the back wall to make work easier. Behind the wheel is clearly visible.

Users can also choose a load separation system for the platform, and the open rear wall also serves as a workbench.

The Ford Ranger will later appear with the Volkswagen logo as the successor to the current Amarok, in line with the collaboration between the two companies.

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The all-new Ford Ranger 8 has been unveiled

If you want to watch the brand new Ford Ranger on video, click here!