A Smart Bed at Ford

A few weeks ago, the Ford manufacturer announced a rather amazing dog kennel, with the same active noise reduction system released by the SUV Edge. A prototype that was part of a series of smart inventions developed by Ford, with the aim of drawing inspiration from automotive expertise to answer everyday problems. Today, Ford unveils a new product from this same collection: Smart Bed.

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A smart bed so, which promises to settle (finally!) The concern encountered by many couples, namely that of the sleeper (or the sleeper) a little too invasive / e. According to Ford: "For those who share their nights with someone who is a little too intrusive, the time spent trying to recover their place in the bed can be long. ".That's why Smart Bed was developed using Lane Keeping Assist technology, the same as found in some of the brand's vehicles.

A bed with help to keep track!

In the new Focus, the new SUV Edge, and on board all new Ford vehicles, this system monitors the road and helps the driver stay on the right track. These technologies have inspired the Smart Bed, which uses pressure sensors to identify people who deviate from their side of the bed, before gently bringing them back to where they should sleep with a small treadmill. integrated.

"With the Smart Bed, we wanted to demonstrate the value of Ford's intelligent technologies available in our vehicles, such as helping to keep track of the road, by transposing it into everyday life. Said Anthony Ireson. Of course, do not expect to be able to buy this Smart Bed from your nearest Ford dealership, since this is only a prototype here (although we have to admit that there would be a lot this not?).


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