Ford switched to Tesla’s charging network

Ford will partner with Tesla in the charging infrastructure for its current and future electric vehicles, marking an unusual collaboration between the two rivals.

Under the agreement, starting early next year, current Ford owners will be able to use an adapter to charge more than 12,000 Teslas Superchargert available in the United States and Canada. And Ford’s next-generation electric vehicles – expected in the middle of the decade – will be equipped with Tesla’s charging connector, so the Ford vehicle owners will be able to charge without an adapter Tesla on chargers. And with this move, Ford will be among the first automakers to join Tesla’s charging network.

The initiative was announced by Ford CEO Jim Farley and Tesla CEO Elon Musk at a Twitter Spaces during a live chat. The partnership is considered unusual because Ford is one of the traditional automakers trying to ramp up production of its all-electric vehicles to match — or one day surpass — the sales of current segment leader Tesla.

Tesla has previously discussed opening its own charging network to other manufacturers as well. White House officials announced in February that Tesla has committed to making vehicle charging available to non-Tesla models at 7,500 of its charging stations by the end of 2024.

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2023-05-30 05:30:00

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