Ford Trucks presents a new truck: 100% electric, more economical, controlled autonomously

One of the world’s largest car manufacturers has confirmed an ambitious goal: it is planned that by 2030 50% of the trucks sold by Ford Trucks in Europe will be vehicles with zero carbon dioxide emissions. At IAA Transportation 2022 in Hanover, Ford Trucks is unveiling its first all-electric trucks, marking a major step towards sustainability in the heavy-duty vehicle category. Ford Trucks F generation will have technologies that meet various customer needs: from zero emissions to autonomous vehicles.

Ford Trucks is the sole global distributor of Ford heavy-duty vehicles in Hanover, Germany, September 2025. at the ongoing IAA Transportation 2022, the most important international exhibition for mobility, transport and logistics, presents its first 100% electric trucks. Ford Trucks emphasizes that the created innovations and new generation technologies will help us maintain our high positions in the field of production, design, product development, new technologies and will create conditions for business to flourish. Ford Trucks, with more than 50 years of heavy-duty trucking experience, presents the results of its F-generation truck transformation at the IAA Transportation 2022 exhibition, including plans for a zero-carbon solution, brilliant new specifications and features that will ensure our high position in manufacturing, design and products. in the field of development.

By the way, Ford Trucks in 2018 In Hanover, he won the prestigious International Truck of the Year 2019 title with the F-MAX model, and now he is going to show the latest achievements in the field of zero emissions. mon, previously signed by the European Automobile Manufacturer’s Association (eng. The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association, ACEA) declaration regarding the transition to zero emissions when transporting cargo, recently announced its goal: 2040. only zero-emission heavy goods vehicles will be sold. The results of the F-generation transformation, which includes all-electric vehicles with integrated and autonomous vehicle technologies, means that Ford Trucks is one step closer to its goal.

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Target 2030: 50% of our gas sold with zero carbon emissions

Serhan Turfan, vice president of Ford Trucks, says that by 2030, by implementing the transformation of the F generation, 50% of our sales in Europe will be vehicles with zero carbon dioxide emissions. Ford Trucks is a new generation all-electric vehicle, created according to the principle We are a partner on the road that cares about its customers and ensures business prosperity. It stands out for its advanced functions and aims to be very competitive in the European market due to its attractive total cost for owners.

As a representative of innovative products, we listen to our customers’ needs, focus on scientific research and development in order to provide the market with the most advanced technologies of the new generation. Therefore, our main goal is to help reduce several transport costs and carbon dioxide emissions and increase the productivity of the vehicle fleet, says S. Turfanas. Strengthening our position in Europe is now our highest priority. Based on skme in current markets until 2024. we plan to reach 50 European ali. In line with the EU policy and Ford’s global sustainability goals, we are taking a big step towards 2040. to ensure zero carbon dioxide emissions with its electric vehicles and to expand in the European markets. The nearest goal is that by 2030 50% of vehicles sold in Europe are bt with zero carbon dioxide emissions.

Trucks with electric motors will provide many advantages

With a payload of 1,826 tonnes, Ford Trucks fully electric truck has excellent maneuverability and offers many advantages, including better monthly energy consumption compared to vehicles with internal combustion engines. For example, energy consumption is almost halved, and access costs are apparently two-thirds, because electric vehicles have fewer moving parts that need access.

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In addition, many European countries encourage businesses to invest in electric vehicles. All of these factors have a positive effect on total expenditure. It is predicted that Ford Trucks’ all-electric truck costs will be lower in 4 years compared to diesel vehicles, which will not receive any support for purchase and maintenance.

By the way, at the Hannover exhibition, the Ford Trucks team is demonstrating its developed technologies for integrated and autonomous driving. Its visitors can test the remote driving technologies and control the F-Max on the test track in Eskişehir (Eski?ehir, Turkey), which is 2,000 km away. The team presents the Ford Trucks CARE ecosystem, which will support software contracting, workability, electromobility, financial solutions and customization services.

New functions make life easier for drivers and fleet managers

Ford Trucks representatives also inform that the new functions of ConnecTruck make life easier for drivers and fleet managers. Ford Trucks transforms its vehicles into data-driven, integrated mobility products wrapped in next-generation technologies that deliver great value to customers. Among the latest technologies and GPS constant speed support and multimedia systems, which facilitate the work of drivers and fleet managers, in order to keep vehicles on the road as long as possible and achieve 100% performance.

Ford Trucks also provides safer, faster and more efficient transportation solutions with autonomous technologies. The Level 4 Highway Pilot self-driving technology developed by Ford Trucks engineers allows drivers to drive their vehicles autonomously between H2H (eng. Hub-to-Hub) logistics center As one of the most important elements of the transport industry, Ford Trucks will be able to provide much safer, faster, ecological and, most importantly, more reliable transport. Ford Trucks remote driving technology allows drivers to remotely connect to an autonomous vehicle and drive it in special cases where human assistance is required during autonomous operation.

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Another technology developed by Ford Trucks is the autonomous reversing of the vehicle. It simplifies parking, as the function allows the autonomous truck to park at the loading and unloading ramps like an experienced truck driver.

The only official representative and distributor of Ford Trucks in Lithuania is UAB Fleeton, a member of the Autokurto moni group. Autokurtas Ford Trucks service partner and temporary importer.

In the long run, all Ford Trucks sales activities are planned to be transferred to Fleeton. For all questions about Ford Trucks, existing and new products, we invite you to contact us immediately after the exhibition, we will try to answer all questions promptly and competently, we will provide official offers with clear prices and delivery dates, says Fleeton’s commercial manager Tomas Rainys.

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