Branko horoscope: the astrologer’s predictions for today

BRANKO HOROSCOPE – What do the stars say in the horoscope of Branko of today, Monday, February the 22nd 2021? The astrologer has consulted the stars, and as always his horoscope it was broadcast by the well-known newspaper “Il Messaggero” and by the radio station, RDS. Below are the complete predictions (available online) sign by sign of today’s Branko horoscope, Monday 22 February 2021:


Dear friends of Aries, at work today the situation is slightly tense, but remain calm because it is still a positive day. Your communication skills will help you in your profession. Finances are good and the relationship with your partner is good. Trust luck more and listen to other people before making decisions today. Overall rating: 8.


Dear friends of Taurus, this is a very positive Monday for you. A change at work begins today that you should sincerely take advantage of. Don’t let yourself be influenced by others, make your own decisions. And ignore the setbacks dear Taurus, you know you can get what you want. You feel good, with renewed energy and desire to do things. Love and luck also helps you with money.


Dear friends of Gemini, today you will have to face some problems at work, but do not worry: you can prevent it. You lack time to devote to your passions. In love you will have a conversation with a loved one that will make you feel good. The day begins with strength and good humor.


Dear friends of Cancer, at work this Monday 22 February you are lucky on money and work. Look at the ideas they propose to you today, they could prove useful. Try to understand others better and you will understand yourself too. You will feel very energetic and will soon recover from any discomfort you have been through. Be more selfish and take care of yourself. Take lots of walks.


Dear Leo quiet, if you are not experiencing a great period on the economic front, know that things will change soon. In love, if you are with someone it is time to start something serious. Organize your life and set your priorities. Don’t focus on what you can’t do and think about what you can.



Dear Virgo you are going through a period of renewal. Don’t carry past problems with you, those are now over. You will be magnetic these days. You will live life with more courage and joy.

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Dear friends and friends of Libra, this Monday I recommend you do not lose willpower at work. If you don’t get discouraged, feel good. Seeing is believing. In love everything goes well. Play sports, it will relax you. To find your sparkling mood you need to rest and find free time.



Splendid friends of Scorpio, pay attention to the offers they make you today: apparently it seems very advantageous, but in substance it is not very much. At work, if you keep stubborn and doing things your way it will not go well, you have to cooperate. We need optimism about everything. Play sports to release energy and to feel good. Go for walks. Think about your health for pleasure.


Sagittarius, you see the first positive results of the changes you have made to improve your life. Don’t get carried away by some unclear plans of some people you don’t know well. Rest assured about your health, everything is fine.


Dear friends and dear friends of Capricorn, well in love and in friendship: today you are in a phase of very favorable balance for all types of relationships. You just have to stay a little calm. If you change the attitude with which you take things, your spirit will improve.


Dear Aquarius friends, wait before taking action. First of all, pay attention to expenses: save. If you set goals calmly and long-term, things can improve. Play sports, it will make you think better.


Special Pisces friends, stay calm at work today. Listen to your superiors / bosses. Being too stubborn today can hurt you. The family may give you some concern, but it will soon pass. Your love wants to control you and you are getting tired of the situation, talk about it. Relax a little and check your nutrition.


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