Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian summoned by the courts

The head of French diplomacy is summoned on June 20 in an investigation for “damage to public property and other offences”. But the ministry assures that it has not received an official summons for the moment.

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Published on 12/05/2022 10:40

Update on 12/05/2022 11:35

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French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian is summoned by Malian justice in an investigation for “damage to public property and other offenses”. According to the summons, dated Wednesday, May 11, an investigating judge from the economic and financial center of Bamako “invites Mr. Jean-Yves Le Drian to appear at his office on Monday, June 20, 2022 for a matter concerning him”. The Quai d’Orsay reacted to AFP and claims not to have been informed of this summons.

“No notification or information of any kind has reached us through the proper channels.”

According to an official document, the case dates from 2015, when Ibrahim Boubacar Keita was president of Mali. At that time, a French company, Oberthur Technologie, obtained the manufacturing contract for Malian biometric passports for ten years. Justice seeks to understand if Jean-Yves Le Drian, who at the time was Minister of Defense, supported the file. The Maliko association, close to the junta currently in power in Mali, filed a complaint and filed a civil action.