Foreigners who tried to escape from Shanghai… failed after failure

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A video has been released of a foreigner trying to escape from Shanghai, China, which has been under lockdown for over a month, and being caught and dragged away by quarantine agents.

As the lockdown continues without any promise of when it will be lifted, the protests from local residents are also growing.

I am Correspondent Lee Hae-in from Beijing.

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A foreign man is taken away by quarantine agents.

He was caught trying to escape from the iron fenced Shanghai Control Zone.

screaming that I want to die,

“I want to die, I want to die. No one cares about me.”

Even if I cry and ask to be sent, the answer I get back is cold.

[상하이 방역요원]
“When you come to China, you have to obey the laws and regulations here. Okay?”

The lockdown in Shanghai has been going on for over a month.

As the shortage of daily necessities continues in a situation where there is no promise as to when it will be resolved, the opposition of local residents is also growing stronger.

When they couldn’t get out, they started pounding pots on the balcony of their apartment.

“Give me back my freedom!”

Multiple demonstrations were held at the same time by sharing the time and method on social media, but the Chinese authorities are fighting back with a warning not to fall for the instigation of external forces.

In Tangshan, Hebei Province, which is adjacent to Beijing, there was a controversy over excessive quarantine by driving iron nails in front of the door and locking the door with a wire to prevent residents from going out.

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Residents strongly protested, saying that if there was a fire, everyone should die.

Despite strong protests from residents and the negative impact on the economy, China does not seem to have any intention of changing its zero-corona policy.

The nearly week-long Labor Day holiday begins, but most parts of China have been instructed not to leave their cities.

This is Lee Hae-in from MBC News in Beijing.

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