"Foreskin serum", the secret of the eternal youth of Sandra Bullock

"Foreskin serum", the secret of the eternal youth of Sandra Bullock

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May 17, 2018- 12:57
Sandra Bullock is in the middle of promoting her new movie, “Ocean’s Eight”, and at 53 years the actress still seems as if the years did not pass through her. Recently, the famous, which is one of the best paid in Hollywood, decided to reveal the secret of “his eternal youth.”
It was during her visit to the Ellen DeGeneres program that the interpreter decided to give details of this “strange and expensive treatment”. The story took several laughter to the audience that was present at the show, they could not believe what Bullock used to care for their skin.

Anyone could think that it was a good surgeon whose identity he wanted to protect so as not to run out of date. But no, the reasons for his reluctance to speak were others.

“It’s a way in which you get the serum to penetrate through the skin, with the microneedle technique that consists of using a small roller. It basically promotes the production of collagen and for a day you look like the victim of a fire, but then you’re fine, “she explained evasively. “The serum is extracted from a piece of skin that comes from a young person from a very, very distant place,” he added, causing the hostess to lose her nerve and shout: “It’s from the foreskin of Korean babies!”

“I call it the penis facial. And when they see the wonders he does with the skin, they will also go to the dermatologist to say that he gives them the serum of penises, “he said.
DeGeneres, could not help but reply: “Why would you want that? Small penises will begin to grow. It is what karma will do. ” “Well, so be it,” was Bullock’s reply, while it contained laughter.

The actress also confessed that she had convinced several of her colleagues in her latest film to give the invention a chance. “Not all,” he added, “only those that I thought would really appreciate him”, and one of them was Cate Blanchett.

“Sandy and I saw a professional in New York, called Georgia Louise, and she made us what we call a penis facial … something, very strange. The truth, I do not know what it was, but it smelled a bit like sperm. It was supposed to be good for the skin, because it had enzymes and that. So Sandy refers to him as a penis facial, “Blanchett told Vogue Australia.

# Cannes2018 pic.twitter.com/WbuStMVhXc
– Cate Blanchett (@CateEBlanchett) May 9, 2018

The expert in this technique detailed on her website that the actress referred to the treatment where “progenitor cells of the human fibroblast, extracted from the foreskin of Korean newborn” are used.
The stem cells are approved by the FDA (the Anmat of the United States) since “they help to generate the collagen and elastin of the skin”. According to Blanchett this treatment has a cost of 650 dollars.

With information from La Opinión / Infobae.


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