Forest fire northwest of Berlin: residents should close windows

VeltenA forest fire broke out north of Berlin. As the emergency information app NINA reported on Friday afternoon, there is an unpleasant odor from smoke in the areas of Velten, Marwitz, Eichstädt and Bötzow (Oberhavel).

The Northeast Control Center has issued a corresponding hazard notice. Residents should close their windows and turn off ventilation and air conditioning.

The highest forest fire warning level 5 has been in effect throughout Brandenburg since Friday.

The risk of fire in the vegetation is also increasing in Berlin. Since Wednesday, the fire brigade has been called to 37 operations in such fires, said a spokesman for the Berlin fire brigade on Friday. However, so far it has remained with smaller fires such as burning turf, inflamed bushes or even two trees.

The Senate Department for the Environment is also warning of the increasing risk of forest fires. The forest floor was already very dry, it was said. The ban on smoking and barbecuing must be observed. It should be noted that a fine of at least 100 euros must be expected if you are caught in the forest with a smoldering cigarette. The state forest law even provides for fines of up to 50,000 euros for violations of the smoking and fire ban. (with dpa)


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