Forget rockets, this space balloon will begin taking passengers into space in 2024

This Florida-based company said goodbye to rockets by offering a different space flight experience than Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic and Space-X travel. Space Perspective already made a successful first launch a few days ago on its Neptune One space balloon, showing that another kind of space travel is possible.

Unlike the airplane-like capsule of the other commercial space companies, Neptune One will be more like a lounge with WiFi, toilet and bar, floating at 12 mph in the stratosphere.

The capsule accommodates eight passengers and a pilot, the ride is slow, smooth and comfortable in the words of Jane Poynter, who founded the company together with her husband Taber McCallum.

Fotos: Space Perspective

The trip lasts six hours and 37 minutes, a duration that contrasts considerably with that of its competitors, which also does it is the cost since Space Pespective opened the sale of tickets for the first commercial flights in 2024 for 150 thousand dollars Virgin Galactic planned to charge 250,000, while Jeff Bezos with Blue Origirin recently received $ 28 million for the seat.

Space Perspective plans to launch three flights per year, first from the Space Coast spaceport in Florida, then elsewhere in the United States, and finally internationally.

The balloon will float at 100,000 feet compared to the others that briefly cross the Kármán Line 62 miles above the earth.

Fotos: Space Perspective

The space balloon and capsule will have a pilot, but they can also be controlled remotely. It will land on the water and a ship will pick up the passengers to take them to the mainland, the capsule can be used for several flights, while the balloon can only be used once.

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Various studies have predicted that space tourism could become a $ 250 to $ 500 million industry, meanwhile in a couple of weeks we will see the first flight of Blue Originar and it won’t be long before we see this balloon launch.