Format text with special characters and “make small” emojis

If you at WhatsApp in a message something emphasize want, there is one hidden special character trick. This also works Smileys and others Emojis – but a little bit different than with letters.

If before a word specific in WhatsApp special character sets, then you can do this with it format. If you put before and after a word, for example asterisk * then these will appear bold to the recipient. underscores _ make the writing turn italics and with Tilden ~ you can do whole words and sentences cross out. This is how it looks in the end:

  • ** –
  • _inFranken.de_ –
  • –

But the special characters can do much more. For example draws attention to a trick how to do that too Look von Emojis with *, _ or ~ can change. If you put an emoji between the characters and send it without additional textthen it will automatically kleiner. Because normally emojis are sent individually shown enlargedwhat in certain cases disturb can.

How easy is that? You take concretely any one of the three special characters and sets the emoji between. You can easily tell that the formatting is done when you send it by the fact that the SSpecial characters shown in grey become.

Useful special characters – format font and shrink emojis

Unfortunately, the trick only works for emojis, not for gifs or stickers. After all, the messenger provider offers a high rate for gifs freedom of design. Because you can easily create them yourself using the video function.