FORMATIC Barcelona is committed to high-level training master’s degrees

Choose one of the master’s degrees from the University School Formatic Barcelona is to opt for a higher education with approved titles valid for the entire European territory. It is a higher education that results in a more specialized and multidisciplinary training. Master’s degrees are part of higher education as a whole and students will be able to opt for them after completing the higher degree, whatever the branch. The duration of these may vary depending on the credits that are granted during their completion. These can range from 60 to 120 credits, taken over one or two years.

In the FORMATIC they exist multitude of masters for each discipline aimed at students in the sector they have studied or for those who wish to specialize. The methodology is very easy, they are usually dynamic academic courses that offer great opportunities for the student, also offering internships in companies. Today, master’s degrees are almost essentials when looking for work, since companies increasingly demand more qualifications and many young people are trained, which gives rise to greater competitiveness. More than 20,000 students have completed one of the University School’s master’s degrees in the fields of tourism, business and communication. It is a school that stands out for surpassing itself day after day in providing educational services. The clear goal is successful entry into professional life. The master’s degrees from the University School they are varied and of different themes to complement the studies already carried out. In addition, there are higher training courses and the TCP diploma.

Among the master’s degrees offered by the university school, the following stand out:

  • Direction and Management of Hotels and Restaurants. Aimed at students and professionals who want to manage hospitality companies such as hotels, restaurants, food companies or clubs. Functions such as finance, accounting, accommodation, resources and food services are learned. It is a master’s degree that offers the possibility of accrediting the language level and carrying out internships in companies for up to 6 months.
  • International hotel management. The master’s degree in International Hotel Management offers the option of operate and manage hotels worldwide. It has an interdisciplinary approach for comprehensive hospitality management. One of its objectives is to prepare for a career in International Hotel Management through the development of skills at a professional level. The master’s degree offers the possibility of being able to lead hotel companies applying great knowledge, business skills and giving the change that the company needs, bringing freshness to the hospitality industry. The biggest advantage of this master’s degree is that it provides an up-to-date overview of business through research methods, global tourism, strategic management and sustainabilityin other aspects.
  • Communication, public relations and organization of events. People with a high level of communication and public relations are trained for the organization of various events. With it, students learn to create and know the best events to dedicate themselves professionally. All this thanks to the teaching of keys to apply new technologies and management methods to be implemented in public relations, such as Marketing campaings.
  • Direction and Management of Sports and Leisure Companies. teachings for promote, manage and market sports activities, events and leisure with the aim of providing a professional, quality and comprehensive service. All this with the training tools of the University School Formatic Barcelona. Focused on students to direct and manage companies in the world of sport. The content of this master’s degree is focused on sports marketing, adjusted to the requirements and demands of the moment.
  • ​​Marketing deportivo. It is designed for sports marketing management in sports organizations, specifically for the management and planning of marketing actions, with extensive professional opportunities within the sports activities sector for the management of sponsorships, clubs or representation of elite athletes.
  • Management and administration of companies. The objectives of this title are preparing and developing a business career with professional skills. In this way, it provides business knowledge, self-awareness and personal development. You learn to manage complicated situations to put them into practice in the best possible way, nationally and internationally. obtaining a global perspective of what the corporate world with new trends in the industry. Always focused on the future and developing a wide range of possibilities within the business world with wide professional opportunities as commercial director, finance manager or sales manager.

Since FORMATIC Barcelona continues to be clearly committed to high-quality training focused on students who want to quickly enter the world of work upon finishing their higher education, being prepared for any type of job within the fields of training offered by the university school, whether for their masters, bachelors, CFGS or Degree in Tourism.