Former Aragonese President Santiago Lanzuela dies | Radio Zaragoza

He former Aragonese president Santiago Lanzuela, of the PP, has passed away this Thursday because of the coronavirus, according to sources of the Popular Party. Lanzuela (Cella, Teruel, 1948) was the sixth president of the Aragonese Government, between July 7, 1995 and on August 2, 1999, and at the end of august last year he suffered a strokeof which he had partially recovered. Lanzuela’s son has written in a tweet that his father has died “after nineteen days of fighting at the hospital”.

Lanzuela was president of Aragon thanks to a pact with the Aragonese Party, and although won again the autonomic elections of the spring of 1999, his former government partner, PAR, decided to agree with the PSOE to give the community presidency to the socialist Marcelino Iglesias.

During this time he developed important projects for the autonomous community, such as the Mudéjar highway, the logistics platforms, he Mining Plan or the Teruel Special Investment Fund. Along with this they highlight their cooperation missions, always closely linked to Nicaragua.

Too he was top leader of the Popular Party in the community between 1993 and 2001, when Manuel Giménez Abad succeeded him, who was killed by ETA shortly after, in May of that year, in the Aragonese capital.

In 1999 was appointed senator by autonomous appointment and in the High camera occupied the presidency of the Economy and Finance Commission, until 2000, when he was elected deputy in Congress for Teruel, a seat that he revalidated in the 2004, 2008 and 2011 elections.

In July 2014 resigned his seat in Congress to be part of the Board of Directors of Red Eléctrica Española, a controversial decision that generated criticism for supposing this signing, according to its detractors, a blatant example of “revolving door”.

Lanzuela is the third president of the democratic epoch of Aragon who dies, after Emilio Eiroa (2013) and Gaspar Castellano and de Gastón (2019). She has been in a Madrid hospital at the age of 71. He was married and had two children.

Through his Twitter account, the Aragon People’s Party He stressed that he was a “benchmark both in Aragonese politics and in our political organization”, party that presided from 1993 to 2001, to which Santiago Lanzuela “also imprinted his personality and his ability to work […] years in which our organization significantly expanded its implementation in the whole of the territory and institutions “.

They highlight “their goodness, its dialogue ability, its fellowship“. PP Aragon” dismisses one of its presidents, but also a friend “and they appreciate the”countless displays of affection that we are receiving from the whole of Aragonese society and from the rest of Aragonese political forces. “

For the microphones from La Ventana de Aragón, has passed the current president of the PP of Aragon, Luis María Beamonte, who has remembered him as “a hard-working, honest man, who had patience and also a sense of humor, who made politics beautiful and with a great vocation for service”.

Condolences from other political forces

The current Aragonese president, the socialist Javier Lambán, He has also used this social network to publicize his condolences to the Popular Party: “It had everything my respect and my affection. Mis condolences to its family, to the friends of PP Aragon and to all the AragoneseSo for four years with great dignity was the President of all of them. Let the earth be light to him. “

Since the news of his death has been known, all the political forces in Aragon have moved their condolences to the Popular Party, as well as economic, social and business organizations, among other.