Former Brigadier Maurizio Di Marzio was arrested in France

The French police arrested Maurizio Di Marzio in Paris, a former member of the Red Brigades for which Italy had requested extradition. Di Marzio, who is 59, has to serve 15 years in prison for various crimes, including the attempted murder of policeman Nicola Simone. He was among the people whose extradition Italy last April 28 for convictions decided by Italian courts in relation to crimes of political violence committed between the seventies and eighties: until now, however, Di Marzio had become unavailable.

Like the others arrested, Di Marzio has been residing in France for years thanks to the so-called “Mitterrand doctrine”, the policy initiated by the former French president who granted hospitality and security on French territory to Italian citizens responsible for violent actions, provided they had left the fight armed and violence. All those arrested in April were released from prison and are currently on probation, also in France.

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