Former captain of CSKA sopila Stoicho Stoilov

The former captain of CSKA Ivan Bandalovski attacked Stoicho Stoilov, who boasted that for the last 4 years, more than 20 million euros have come into the coffers of “Army” from the sale of football players that he personally brought to the club. The gang said that the former general manager of CSKA should not be happy about this fact, but look at how far he has brought the team.

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“Anyone who knows a little about football and attracts 100 players to a team with a brand like CSKA in 6-7 years, will still sell 7-8 of them for 20 million euros. Teams like Partizan, Zvezda and Dinamo Zagreb make this money for one transfer window. So sir not to be too happy about this fact, but to look at how far you have brought the team Mr. Chief Scout, Director, Coach, Vice President and Administrator!”, the Gang wrote on social media.

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