Former “CNews” journalist becomes spokesperson for the Renaissance party

” I left CNews to become a spokesperson for Renaissance”announced to Figaro , the former journalist of the news channel in charge of monitoring the Élysée Loïc Signor. He will therefore now embody the voice of the new party of the presidential majority.

“I made this decision after the presidential election and then the legislative ones. But I believe that, even if it means playing politics, it is better to defend the values ​​that are mine. And it is better to do it without a press card”he specified, while adding that he had not “not yet asked the question” whether he will one day stand for election.

“We needed a spokesperson able to embody the positions that the party will take. I am delighted that Loïc Signor has agreed to put his expertise at our service”, welcomed the new boss of the presidential party, Stéphane Séjourné, to the Figaro .

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Many journalists are involved in politics

In recent years, several journalists have joined politics: Noël Mamère (presenter of the JT d’Antenna 2then elected green deputy and mayor of Bègles), François Baroin (he worked at Europe 1 before committing to the right), or even Robert Ménard (ex-boss of Reporter sans frontières, mayor of Béziers and close to the RN), Audrey Pulvar (former TV journalist now elected from the left in Paris), or more recently Bruno Roger -Petit (former journalist of Challengesrecruited by Emmanuel Macron), Philippe Ballard (passed from LCI at the RN), Bernard Guetta (ex-journalist on France interwho became elected to the European Parliament)…

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Even if it means aggravating distrust of journalists? No, according to Loïc Signor. “I have always been as objective and neutral as possible in my work. I nevertheless consider that the moment of change that we are experiencing today requires that everyone take their responsibilities and commit to their level”, he replied.