Former conservative Grande Jeffery Archer said he would vote for Jeremy Corbyn if he lived in the north.

The deputy chairman of the former Tory party also revealed that he "100 percent" agreed with half of the Labor leader's policy.

"I recently traveled through the northwest of England where I was speaking at a school, and when I looked out the window, I thought I would vote for Corbyn when I live up here," he said Sunday telegraph,

"I felt that I had too much, that I am overprivileged, and with half of what Corbyn says, I agree with him 100 percent, it's the other half that's the problem."

It is not the first time that the novelist, who was imprisoned for perjury in 2001 and now sits as an independent peer in the House of Lords, seems to have offered his – albeit tacit – approval.

Last November, he said The audience"I am quite convinced that Corbyn will become prime minister.

"His problem, in my opinion, is momentum," he added at the time. "Because they are really dangerous, they will remove decent, petty-bourgeois thinkers from the Labor Party, they will only get rid of them in favor of the Communists."

Elsewhere in the new interview, the 78-year-old brought a series of topical political issues and praised Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg as "the best MP" he had seen, but "the wrong man" to Theresa May follow as party leader.

"I think he would make a brilliant Speaker of the House of Commons," he said. "He has a nice feeling for the house, but no leader."

Lord Archer also cursed the calls for a second round of Brexit and said, "I voted, stay, and I lost, so I strongly disapprove of the idea of ​​being called to vote again."



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