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Former EU foreign ministers warn of Trump plan on Israeli-Palestinian conflict

A text, signed in particular by Jean-Marc Ayrault and Hubert Védrine, warns against the creation of a Palestinian entity "devoid of sovereignty".

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US President Jared Kushner's top advisor between Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu on March 25 in Washington.
US President Jared Kushner's top advisor between Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu on March 25 in Washington. Carlos Barria / REUTERS

Controversial issues between Europeans and Americans are accumulating: trade talks, the Iranian nuclear deal that Washington has withdrawn from, the protection of the environment … One of the most symbolic concerns the radical difference in approach to the Israeli conflict. Palestinian. The Trump administration, which is secretly preparing its peace plan, has decided to ignore the traditional parameters of the two-state solution, to trample on international law and UN resolutions. The illustration of this rupture was the unilateral recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, in December 2017, by the American president.

Divided on the attitude to adopt against Israel, whose nationalist and identity shift has been confirmed in the legislative elections of 9 April, the EU member states are struggling to be heard. The EU is sticking to the traditional condemnations of colonization and promoting a two-state solution that seems more distant than ever. It is to get Europe out of this dangerous passivity that 37 former foreign ministers, from different member states, sent a letter to Federica Mogherini, the EU High Representative, and to their colleagues today. function, Sunday, April 14.

A step for the honor

This mail, of which The world has been informed, invites Europeans to clearly recall the traditional parameters of the two-state solution, even before the publication of the Trump plan. "It is crucial for Europe to be vigilant and act strategically", underscore the signatories, among which are two French, Jean-Marc Ayrault and Hubert Védrine. Questioned by The world, the latter is alarmed by "Evolution in the field at the antipodes of what we hoped for". The project of the American administration "Is going to be a South Africa plan, summarizes Hubert Védrine, in reference to the apartheid regime that had existed in this country. It's time to speak because no one is doing it. Netanyahu has been extremely effective in recent years in accusing all critics of Israel of anti-Semitism. Even if these are campaign statements, his recent statements in favor of an annexation of the colonies would have provoked an outcry ten or twenty years ago. "

Fractures between Europeans about Israel are so deep that the signatories are hardly under any illusions. It is almost a step for honor. "Unfortunately, the current US administration has moved away from old US policies and distanced itself from established norms of international law," says the letter, which warns about the possible destabilization of countries located "At the door of Europe". The text quotes the recognition of Jerusalem and "Disturbing indifference" about settlement expansion in the West Bank, while both sides "Slip into a reality with a state with unequal rights. "


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