Former F1 boss Bernie Ecleston has become the father of four at the age of 89

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Child Elyston and his wife Fabian Floss. (Photo: Alan Davidson / Shutterstock / Vida Press)

The former Formula 1 boss and his wife Fabiana have greeted a son named Eiss in the world. The couple publicly announced their upcoming family growth in April.

Ecleston, who will celebrate his 90th birthday in October this year, told the Swiss-German broadcaster Blick in an interview about the arrival of the latest offspring. “We have a son, Eiss. I am so proud, ”said the young father.”/>

Burny Ecleston with his wife Fabian Floss in January this year. (Photo: BabiradPicture / Shutterstock / Vida Press)

When it comes to childbirth, Fabiana has confirmed that everything went very easily and quickly. “It simply came to our notice then. The birth was over 25 minutes later. I thank God, ”said Mrs. Ecleston.

The child has three adult children from a previous relationship. He and his first wife, Aivia, have a daughter, Deborah, who has already appointed her grandfather. The most well-known in the society are the ladies of the entrepreneur’s youngest subsidiary Tamara (35) and Petra (31). They were born into the billionaire’s second marriage to his wife Slavik Radik.

In 2008, Slavic Ecleston filed for divorce, and in 2012, Childny announced that he had married Ms. Floss, Director of Marketing.”/>

Child Elyston and his wife Fabian Floss in 2012, when they celebrated their wedding. (Photo: Alan Davidson / Shutterstock / Vida Press)

The new parents got to know each other thanks to the World Motorsport Council, whose meetings are regularly attended by both. Speaking of his wife’s pregnancy, Buryy told the Daily Mail earlier: “There’s nothing unusual here, is there?” I haven’t worked for a while now, so I have plenty of time to exercise! ”

“She is thrilled [par to, ka kļūs māte]. We don’t understand what this nonsense is about now. “

“I am very happy. And happy for his wife, who has been waiting for this moment for several years. I am very pleased that she will have someone after I am gone. ”

“It simply came to our notice then. I don’t see any drama here. I have grandchildren and I look forward to having another child. ”

The first months of quarantine were spent by expectant parents in their country houses near São Paulo, Brazil. But for a while now they have moved to a safer place now – Ecleston’s property in Switzerland.

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